Aloe Vera Uses

The Aloe Vera plant is a member of lily plant which is full of juice and closes similar to a cactus. There are about more than 200 species of aloe vera available and most of them are treated as nutritious and effective. The most beneficial specie of aloe vera plant is Aloe Vera Barbadensis. It has been used for a beauty, health, skin care and medicinal properties for centuries. This plant is regarded as the plant of immortality, the wand of heaven and the universal panacea by some of the scientists.

The leaf is rubbery and smooth in touching from outside and inside the aloe vera plant is the aloe vera gel. It is available in a variety of products such as medicated cream, hand and body lotion, heat rub, pure aloe vera juice, mini lift mask, medicated jelly, moisturizer etc.

Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has number of uses and mainly they are used as a food preservative and medicine. The different uses of aloe vera are:-

  • Aloe vera is used in creams, lotions, gel, liquid, spray and capsule.
  • It is helpful in the treatment of acne, scalp care, burns, stings, sprains, sunburns, eczema, sore muscles, arthritis, scrapes, cold sores, scalds, abrasions, psoriasis, bruises etc.
  • It provides relief from itching and also helps in healing blisters.
  • It is very beneficial for skin disorders.
  • The juice from aloe vera plant is used in the treatment of ulcers, heartburn and other digestive disorders.
  • The juice of aloe vera acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the amount of stomach juices.
  • It lightens the dark spots on the face and reduces the intensity of pigmentation.
  • It is used as a moisturizer and helpful in removing dead cells.
  • It is also helpful in the penetration of healthy substances.
  • Aloe vera is beneficial in stimulating the production of elastin and collagen which are necessary for preventing the aging of the skin.
  • Pain in the joints and muscle pain occurred due to arthritis is reduced by the application of aloe vera sprays or gels.
  • The gel of aloe vera provides benefit in reducing triglycerides, total cholesterol and blood fat lipid levels.
  • The extract of aloe vera reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Aloe vera drink is used as a tonic by some patients.
  • It is helpful in healing such as anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It is beneficial in reducing obesity and breaks down the fat globules.