Aloe Vera Habitat

Habitat means a place or environment where the aloe vera grows. Aloe vera is grown in relatively warm and dry climate. The habitat of aloe vera means Woodlands, Mediterranean forests and Scrub according to the World Wildlife Federation. So, habitat for aloe vera is elaborated as the area which surrounds some parts of southern Africa, Mediterranean Sea in Africa and Europe, southern Australia and southern United States.

The main habitat of aloe vera is in South and East of Africa and cultivation is done in the tropical areas and West Indies throughout the world. These places are having dry and warm summers and moist and cool winters and leave more precipitation during winters. During summers, the survival of aloe vera plants are more as compared to winters.

Nutrient density is low in some regions so the habitat of aloe vera does not support large predators. These habitats have a huge variety of species which are adapted to various ecological conditions. Some species of aloe vera are considered as indigenous. For example, Aloe Albida is found only in the parts of South Africa.

The aloe vera habitat needs direct rays of the sun and a well drained soil. When these plants are grown outdoors then that habitat needs warmth and sun rays and protection from the winters. Sometimes the habitat is destroyed due to various factors. The reasons are settlement of area by humans and deforestation. This disturbs the natural balance of the area and destroys most of the species of aloe vera plants.

Burning also affects the aloe vera habitat. The species of aloe vera to survive in the habitat can tolerate the regular fires. Overburning damages the natural nutrients and underburning destroys too many nutrients and make easier for attacking the non-native species of aloe vera.

Over-grazing by animals also destroys the stores of nutrients and the humans also disrupt the species of aloe vera. Some dams have been built by the humans in areas of aloe’s habitat for the need of water and this has destroys the ecosystem and habitat of aloe vera. So, one can take various steps to conserve the natural habitat of aloe vera and protects the various species.

Aloe vera grown for commercial purposes should be cultivated in confined areas. Steps can be taken to protect the environment like creating nature preserves, controlled burns of the area and educating the community about taking care of aloe vera plants. So, care should be taken to preserve the plants and habitat of aloe vera and save them from dieing.