Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe Vera Leaf is also called as the Kumari, Gawarpaltra, Indian Alces, Cape Aloes and Ghirita. It is farmed in the West Indies and other tropical nations. In the center of the tissue of aloe vera leaf includes a gel which is generally known as aloe vera gel. The “Aloe” word is taken from the Arabic term “alloeh” that means glossy and sour. It is considered that aloe vera leaf has been utilized to protect the Jesus Christ’s body. Orientations to its utilization as a healing agent can be found in Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, Christian and Greek literature.

Aloe Vera Leaf is also considered as the beauty secrets of Cleopatra. The Romans and Greeks used the aloe vera gel for treating wounds. Indian people has used aloe Vera leaf to prevent colic, intestinal infections and suppressed menses. Aloe Vera Leaf has been traditionally used for various diseases for which it is yet utilized today especially minor burns and cuts and constipation. Aloe Vera Leaf is also beneficial to treat stomach related diseases.

Dried Aloe latex is a laxative, actually it is an element taken from aloe vera leaf. While used it externally, aloe leaf may help to heal the sores and urns and restore the skin tissues. It can also be applied on dandruff and blemishes. Leaf of aloe vera makes the skin very soft when used as a beauty product.

Latest physicians have used leaf aloe vera for sunburn, first degree burns, decibitus ulcers, skin inflammation, x-ray burns, chemical burns, traumatized tissue, bedsores, herpes simplex, insect bites, irritating plant stings, stomach ulcers, periodontal surgery and other skin manifestations.

Aloe vera leaf had given amazing results when used for treating facial edema. It was useful for lockjaw and cold spores when used like a mouth rinse. The different organized human trials have established that Aloe vera leaf either in mixture along with the hypoglycemic medication or unaccompanied is effective to treat Type – II diabetes.

Primary chemical characteristics of aloe vera contain anthraquinones, polyaccharides, aloins, salicylic acids and barboloin. Aloin taken from the tissue of the aloe vera leaf is liable for the healing possessions of aloe vera plant.

The Aloe vera plant also includes niancinamide, calcium, lecithin, manganese, sodium, potassium, Vitamins B1, B6, B2 and C, choline, zinc and iron. The species of aloe vera contains Aloe ferox and Aloe ferex which are utilized interchangeably with Aloe Vera.