History of Aloe Vera

The tales of aloe vera plants have been found 3500 years ago. The first documented use of aloe vera can be found from the ancient Egyptians and it was grown by the King Solomon. Alexander the Great also used aloe vera for his army. Most of the historical evidence and botanists suggests that this plant emerged in the dry and warm climates of Africa.

The species of aloe vera plant have been used by Indian healers and ancient Persian for many generations. Japanese, Russian and Chinese also used this herbal plant for centuries as a medicine. Roman and Greek physicians described the use of aloe vera for the treatment of many diseases.

There are more than 200 species of aloe vera available throughout the world. But out of these species, only four of them are treated to possess therapeutic healing properties such as aloe ferro, aloe saponaria, aloe arborensis and aloe perryi.

The aloe vera plant has been widely studied in US and Britain and extensive research has also been done by Japanese on the use of Aloe saponaria and Aloe arborensis. Many great civilizations have recorded the virtues of the plant including Greece, Italy, Persia, India, Africa, Asia, South America, Philippines and the Caribbean.

The aloe vera plant soon became popular and well known for its medicinal uses in these countries. This plant has been derived naturally and has been referred to as ‘First Aid Plant’ for centuries. Physicians consider the aloe vera as an antiseptic and emollient for centuries. This cactus like plant has been used for centuries for treating the stomach disorders, kidney ailments and burns.

Aloe vera has a large history and describes the use of aloe vera as an effective medicine and treating skin disorders. The use of aloe vera was done in 1930s which helps in healing radiation burns. This plant also has been used by the victims after the 2 nd World War.

Remarkable improvements such as reduced pain and increase in growth of tissue have been seen with the treatment of aloe vera. It was also called Goddess or Kumari as most of the women are using aloe vera to maintain their ageing and beauty and this has been used to treat wounds and burns since many centuries. Many writers have discovered books on aloe vera.

Thus, Aloe vera esoterically appears in every phase of history with many facts. The history depicts the medicinal values of aloe vera.