Sunburn Aloe Vera

Sunburns cause damage to the skin and their effect is very dangerous and long lasting. Some people notices redness on the skin due to swollen and clogged capillaries which supplies blood to the skin. Severe burns are caused by the harmful rays of the sun and destroy the elastic fibers and damage blood vessels in the skin making the skin wrinkled and sagged. One can also have skin cancer due to excessive exposure to sun.

So, there are very harmful effects of sunburns. One should use the sunburn products made up of aloe vera quickly because it contains active healing ingredients which help in protecting the skin against the damage.

One should use aloe vera gel in case of sunburn which is the best product and is made up from the leaves of the aloe vera. It acts like antibacterial and helps in healing the burns as it contains aloectin B which in turn stimulates the immune system. This gel is also used by the burn victims in hospitals.

One can buy pure aloe vera gel from the health food stores. There are various products such as creams, liquid, ointments and lotions that contain aloe vera and can be applied in case of sunburn. Aloe vera acts as a moisturizer and rubbed on the burnt surfaces due to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

After sunburn, one should immediately take a shower or bath and apply an aloe vera gel or cream on the area affected by sunburn that will help a person in relieving pain and inflammation.

One should use sunscreen of SPF 30 which contains aloe vera and help in protecting from both UVB and UVA rays. Aloe vera lotion can also be used which provides about 90 percent relief from burning rays and about 75 percent from tanning rays and does not allow to reach the skin.

Take leaves from an aloe plant and keep it in refrigerator and take out the top layers of leaves and apply on the sunburn area. One can also apply aloe vera juice on mild and medium sunburn which helps in reducing the amount of peeling and pain. Sunburns make the skin wrinkled, so applying aloe vera will make the skin shiny, glowing and beautiful.

The area due to sunburn should be kept moist with aloe vera juice in case of severe sunburn. There are variety of products that contains aloe vera which the person can apply in case of sunburn and protect the skin from sun’s rays.