A Rosy Outlook on Winter


It’s official. The groundhog just declared that we’re in for six more weeks of winter and for many of us that means dry, sensitive, irritated skin. While our bodies are wrapped in coats throughout the season, our faces are exposed to the elements, and that constant combo of wind and cold certainly takes its toll.

So how do you help turn that tight, flaky, dull winter skin into the rosy cheeks of summer? Actually, roses.

Be it rose water, rose hip or rose oil, the complexion benefits of this wonder-flower have been harnessed by apothecaries, herbalists and alchemists since ancient times. Modern science is now catching up to these folk traditions. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fatty acids, rose extracts can help increase collagen production, reduce inflammation and keep moisture locked in the epidermis.

One of our top recommendations for a winter facial moisturizer is the Rose Day Cream from Dr. Hauschka. It’s a little thicker and richer than the popular Rose Day Cream Light, but that’s just what the doctor orders for this time of year. Give it a minute to sink in and this non-greasy emollient soothes and protects weather ravaged skin, combating redness, calming itchiness and replenishing hydration so you can face the chill of another day.

And who couldn’t use the pick-me-up of a bouquet of roses in the dead of winter? Over 30 biodynamic organic roses go into every tube of Rose Day Cream, which not only contributes to the therapeutic properties of this luxurious moisturizer, it makes its scent naturally divine.

Perhaps if that groundhog got a whiff of this cream he’d pop out of his burrow with a rosier outlook.

Roses are a key botanical ingredient in many Saffron Rouge products, such as Duchess Marden’s Damacena Rose Water, Jurlique’s Rose Hand Cream and ilike’s Rose Petal Toner.

So why not pick a rose product or two? It just might help you make it through to Spring.

Posted On:  January 17, 2017
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