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Practically everyone will have come across aloe vera in some shape or form since it is used in a wide range of products, for example skin and haircare products as well as beauty and make-up,  aloe vera juice, supplements and nutrition, and more recently in household cleaners.  In fact the list of uses  continues to grow as we rediscover why the aloe vera plant was so highly regarded in the first place.

The benefits of aloe vera have been well-known for thousands of years once its powerful qualities were recognized and subsequently it was used for healing and in herbal medicine.  Those wishing to retain their good looks were said to be fond of the aloe plant and in Ancient Egypt, it was known as the “plant of immortality”.

The power of nature – through aloe vera, can bring new balance to your life and give you more energy and better health.

Gradually, over the years, its use, along with many other natural herbs slowly diminished as medical science gained a foothold in the western world.  Modern medicine has helped millions of people and drugs as well as other medications can be effective at treating various ailments.

The problem though is that side-effects are often associated with long-term use and taking an unnatural substance is not appealing for some.

Precisely because of this, many people including medical professionals have returned and are continuing to return to the knowledge and practices of old and are looking at how our forefathers dealt with health issues.

Aloe Vera For Health

Nature played a big part in healing many years ago and herbal medicine today is the most popular form of traditional medicine.  Other natural therapies have gained new popularity as people want to explore alternative ways of achieving good health and happier lives.

Aloe vera is very much back in demand as once again, the benefits of using this wonderous plant are acknowledged.  People can experience for themselves the real benefits of drinking aloe vera juiceand using aloe vera products in their daily lives.  Discover now how achieving optimum health and well-being is well within your reach.

There are many aloe vera manufacturers today with tonnes of different brands available in the marketplace however this website, aloe vera info is specifically giving information on the aloe vera and aloe vera products produced by Forever Living Products. 



Who Are Forever Living?

Forever Living Products was set up in 1978 by a man called Rex Maughan who had a simple dream – to offer health and wellness products that are proven to promote good health and compensate those who are willing to share these products with friends and family.

This simple business plan along with the quality of the products has enabled millions of people worldwide to achieve what we all want – good health and financial freedom.


This company is like no other and has grown to be the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera-based health and beauty products in the world today.


Why Use Forever Living’s Aloe Vera Gel

Forever Living are in a position to bring us the purest aloe vera gel possible as they are in full control of the whole production process right from the start.  Rex realised that in order to ensure smooth running in the supply chain,  from growing aloe plants to harvesting and producing the gel, that it was in the companies best interest not to have to depend on any other supplier.

Forever’s aloe plants are organically grown and harvested by hand, thus ensuring only mature leaves are used which are filled with gel.

It is the inner gel that is the important bit as it is this gel that contains the vital components that can have such an amazing effect at keeping a healthy body.

Once the leaves are cut, they are subject to the oxidation process, similar to an orange that is cut and left exposed, so its life-force evaporates.   Speed is essential to stablize the gel and keep it as close to its natural state as possible, protecting and preserving all the nutrients it can offer us.

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