Advanced Colloidal Silver


Advanced Colloidal Silver is approximately 20% ionic silver and 80% non-ionic silver particles with a mean average of about 2 nanometers. This small particle size results in a vastly larger surface area of silver for a given concentration. Because of this, the 20 ppm product is potentially more effective than those products with much larger particles and higher ppms.

Advanced Colloidal Silver is produced with a completely different process than are most other “colloidal silver” products. Most products are of a very high ionic content or are silver nitrate solutions in gelatinous bases. The gelatin/protein bases are required to maintain the suspension of the large particles. These silver particles usually range in size from 10-500 nanometers and more. The products using gelatin are typically called ‘silver protein’ or ‘mild silver protein’.

You may ask: How can such a small amount of silver have an effect against microbes? The secret is in the infinitesimal size of the silver particles. A billion of these particles could sit side by side on a cross section of human hair. These silver nano-particles are smaller than any blood cell, bacteria, fungus spore, or even virus.

According to research, silver is effective because it inhibits the growth of one-celled micro-organisms by deactivating the organism’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. This action in turn, destroys the organism’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of the organism’s DNA.

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