Aloe and kids


As we enter the new millennium, our lives have become more fast-paced than ever before. We work 18 hours out of 24 and carry our kids along with us in the race for to be successful. We grab a bite here and there, rarely having time to fix a balanced meal, let alone ensure that our kids are eating the way that they should. Do you know of any kid that would prefer a banana or other healthy snack over a bag of candy or potato chips? Probably not. The result is poor nutrition and weak immune system for our children (and ourselves).

The environment is in a horrible state of rampant pollution, and new viruses and bugs are being discovered nearly every day. Now, more than ever before, it has become important to secure a healthy lifestyle and healthy immune system to ward off sickness. Eating natural foods, daily dosages of greens and veggies, and regularity in bowel habits all provide for better overall well-being.

The Aloe Vera magic

Aloe vera is a medicinal wonder plant that has been around for over 4000 years. It has been used for hundreds of ailments with success; however, its true power has never been completely harnessed by mankind. Traditional thinking holds that aloe vera is unfit or unsafe for children’s consumption – but were they ever wrong! A medical breakthrough brings that power of aloe vera to you (and your children) in the form of a teeny-weeny, easy to swallow pill – Aloeride©. Children as young as 18 months of age can benefit from the mystical aloe vera plant thanks to this revolutionary new formulation. Aloeride© can be easily crushed into powder form and mixed right into a child’s sippy cup – it is odorless and tasteless, making it the easiest way to boost your child’s immune system naturally!

Why your child needs Aloeride®

Bumps, bruises, common colds, and digestive problems are as much a part of a child’s life as breathing air! You simply cannot separate one from the other. Childhood is not easy, just as life is not always a smooth ride – it can be a rollercoaster ride. Aloeride© has been intensively researched and specially formulated to vamp up the immune system while producing no ill side effects. Other companies manufacture weak formulas of aloe vera supplements that promise the moon and stars yet deliver nothing measurable. Their supplements are manufactured in a lab with isolated chemicals, preservatives and dyes. Aloeride© is made from only the healthiest and most potent aloe vera plants that are packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, antimicrobials and anti-inflammatory agents, specially blending for maximum results.
Aloe vera lotions, gels, and creams are a dime a dozen. Aloeride© is different because it contains the most potent aloe vera extract on earth. In fact, this special formula is 2.73 times more potent than any other on the market, which makes it the fastest-acting formulation available in the world!

Why haven’t I heard of Aloeride©?

Because Aloeride© isn’t manufactured by a huge pharmaceutical giant (they’re too busy using low-grade aloe vera to make the common versions you see on the pharmacy shelf), Aloeride© has relied on customers being so pleased with the product that they refer their family and friends to try it! Aloeride© makers haven’t spent a ton of money advertising and marketing the product; instead, they have used those dollars to obtain the best ingredients for the product. That effort is passed along to you now, in highly effective, fast acting Aloeride©!
Opportunity is knocking, open the door to a better life for you and your children. Set off on the road to well-being with Aloeride©.

Posted On:  August 18, 2016
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