Aloe for your teeth


Smile away with Aloeride®

If you thought that your smile was merely aesthetically important to life, then think again! Your teeth can be a very important indicator of your overall health and well-being. Caring for your mouth and teeth is just as important as caring for the rest of your body. Regular brushing and flossing, although the foundations of oral care, only give you superficial protection against plaque, germs, and bacteria. It is also important that you follow a healthy diet plan!

A little known fact is that mechanical digestion actually begins in the mouth and that your teeth have a very important role to play in that process. The saliva, the tongue and the teeth come together to begin the digestion process. In fact, dentists recommend that you consume foods that boost the health of your teeth and gums. Most of us lead such busy lives, however, that it is hard to get a regular intake of healthy foods.

Now there is an answer in the miracle formulation of Aloeride©! Although there are probably a million health supplements of chemical origin, all natural and safe Aloeride©, made from the ancient aloe vera plant.

Aloeride® and dental care

Made up of soft and fragile tissues, the mouth is a cavity that is a virtual breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria also attack the teeth and cause a myriad of dental problems like stomatitis, bad breath, gingivitis, and peridontitis. Aloe vera is a natural anti-fungal as well as a natural anti-bacterial plant. Aloe vera works wonders for dental health and protects the sensitive and fragile tissues of the mouth when consumed internally.

But you cannot simply pluck a leaf from the aloe vera plant and chew it! Your tastebuds would cringe and you would most likely spit it out before you ever considered swallowing it! No, the aloe vera plant is not a tasty plant. But Aloeride© is tasteless and odorless, making it the best alternative to receive a dose of this wonder drug.

Although aloe vera has been harvested and exalted for centuries, it wasn’t until physiotherapist, registered acupuncturist and naturopath Dr. Han van de Braak began his quest for an aloe vera supplement to treat his daughter’s eczema that Aloeride© came into being. Noticing most of the products on the market were manufactured using substandard methods and were not even lab tested, Dr. van de Braak created Aloeride©, which is the most powerful aloe vera supplement on earth today. Manufactured to strict pharmaceutical standards, Aloeride© is so potent that is has been called “a miniature aloe vera plant in a bottle”.

Why you need Aloeride®

Perfectly potent and portable, Aloeride© is like a complete dental care system in your purse of pocket. Besides being very beneficial for your dental and oral health, it also improves the quality of your skin, palpates your stomach lining and heals any potential bowel problems, all while boosting your immune system for optimal health. What more can you ask for in a tiny pill?

Posted On:  August 24, 2016
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