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Forever Aloe Vera Products help to protect and maintain the health of your skin throughout the year and especially during the summer months when your skin may be more sensitive due to the impact of the sun.

Your skin reflects your inner health and nothing can be more appropriate than the old saying, “you are what you eat”. Skin is constantly renewing itself and can be very sensitive to diet.

Cosmetics may temporarily help to cover the effects of a less than healthy lifestyle, but in the long term the excesses of a poor diet and the damage caused by free radicals will be difficult to hide.

Our skin is the largest and most visible of all the organs and relies on good nutrition particularly antioxidants for nourishment. No other organ is so exposed to damage or disease, from injury, sunlight, smoking, environmental pollution and germs.

Tell tale signs such as colour change or skin disorders may indicate internal problems, so promoting good digestion, immunity and circulation are crucial.

Effective skincare which aims to keep skin looking good cannot merely come from the outside, it is important to nourish it from the inside too.

Aloe Vera Gel – provides a rich cocktail of nutrients and is widely known as a skin healer, moisturiser and softener. It encourages rapid new cell growth inside and out and cleanses the digestive tract, enhancing the absorption of nutrients for overall health.

Absorbent-C – vitamin C is important for the skin and is needed for the formation of collagen, a major structural protein, along with elastin and which are both responsible for keeping the skin strong and supple. Vitamin C along with Vitamin E and Beta-carotene are important antioxidants which work synergistically together to protect the tissues and fluids in the body, giving greater resistance to infection, cracked skin and sunburn. Vitamin C also strengthens capillaries and improves circulation.

A-Beta-CarE – Vitamin A (from Beta-carotene), Vitamin E and Selenium work in partnership to protect the tissues from free radical damage and the effects of UV light. These powerful antioxidants have far greater strength in combination and help new tissue growth, combat ageing and promote healthy skin and circulation. Vitamin E may also help to minimise scarring and reduce inflammation.

Arctic-Sea – using essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, fish oils are a key factor in maintaining good moisture in the skin along with Vitamins A and E. Fish oils also promote healthy circulation, good immunity, reduce inflammation and maintain water balance. A deficiency may lead to dry, itchy and inflamed skin conditions.
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Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Collection – one of the most effective and restorative beauty regimes ever assembled, available as a set or separately and containing Exfoliating Cleanser, Rehydrating Toner, Firming Foundation Lotion, Recovering Night Creme, Aloe Activator and Facial Contour Mask. Each product combines stabilised Aloe Vera Gel with hydrolysed collagen, elastin, exceptional moisturisers, emulsifiers and humectants.

Aloe Moisturising Lotion – a rich moisturising lotion containing stabilised Aloe Vera Gel, also includes collagen and elastin, for general use on the hands, face and body.

Aloe Lotion – a fine textured cream which contains stabilised Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E for use on dry skin and minor skin irritations. Also superb as an aftersun cream.

Aloe Propolis Creme – a unique blend of stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis from the hive. Providing a natural antibiotic, deep moisturising cream which benefits many skin conditions and combats infections. Chamomile and Comfrey which feature extensively in the range are also included for their soothing properties.

Aloe Vera Gelly – First aid in a tube, the natural stabilised gel direct from the inner leaf of the Aloe Vera plant is used for all skin problems including prickly heat and sunburn. Relieves itching, swelling, pain, inflammation and soreness. Lubricating and soothing its germicidal action also helps combat infections.

Aloe Sunscreen – the sun accounts for a high percentage of damage to the skin. Aloe Sunscreen contains all the vital ingredients necessary for protecting the skin as well as providing the unique benefits of Aloe Vera to prevent drying, flaking and burning.

Aloe Liquid Soap – a luxurious, moisturising, non irritating liquid soap prepared from stabilised Aloe Vera Gel, a pH balanced, no tears formula giving moisturising, healing and cleansing properties.

Forever Alpha E-Factor – is a light, emollient skin replenisher providing outstanding protection from environmental factors due to its combination of powerful antioxidants, Borage oil, Bisabolol and other protective ingredients including Aloe Vera Gel. It helps to reduce scaliness and dry skin, enhances elasticity and is suitable for sensitive skins.

R3 Factor Skin Defence Cream (Retain, Restore and Renew) – a rich combination of stabilised Aloe Vera Gel, soluble collagen, Vitamins A and E and Alpha Hydroxy Acids; highly penetrating molecules that are natural exfoliants, which help in skin renewal, and which may be beneficial in certain conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and sunscarring.

Forever Alluring Eyes – a revitalising under eye cream fortified with stabilised Aloe Vera Gel, humectants and emollients to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and under eye circles. It also improves the suppleness and elasticity and reduces puffiness of the delicate skin around the eyes.

Don’t forget… our latest additions to the skincare range Marine Mask & Epiblanc

Top Tips: Aloe Vera

• Rich in nutrients
• The same pH as the skin
• Penetrates deeply into the skin
• Cleanses the tissues
• Helps to break down dead skin tissue
• Natural moisturiser
• Suitable for all skin types
• Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral
More Top Tips
• It is important to drink plenty of water to keep the cells of your skin hydrated
• Avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful environmental factors such as, harsh sunlight, smoke, etc.

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