Aloe Vera and Asthma


Affecting one in four people on average, asthma is one disorder that is present in all age groups. Symptoms include wheezing, overproduction of mucus, and excessive coughing. These symptoms are the result of muscular over-activity that causes inflammation and mucus production. Asthma can be triggered by stress, emotions, or allergies. Most people treat acute attacks of asthma with prescription medications and inhalers, such as Albuterol.

Asthma can be a frightening and devastating disease that forces people to change their lifestyles to avoid having attacks. Avoiding stress, dust, or allergens can be virtually impossible to do all the time, which means that most asthmatics will experience regular attacks even if they are prescribed regular medications. There is no cure for asthma, although some children may “grow out of it”. Remaining sufferers are usually “on the hunt” for products that can help them in their quest to have more control over their condition.

A 2005 study found that 57% of asthmatics were able to find more sustainable relief from a combination of conventional and natural treatments as compared to using only prescription remedies to battle the disease and its unsuspecting attacks. The most significant natural treatment in the study was aloe vera, which has been shown in studies on asthma that date back as far as 1951 to aid asthma sufferers.

Containing natural steroids and other compounds that both inhibit and reduce inflammation, aloe vera can be just what the doctor should have ordered to relieve asthma. Studies done in Japan in the 1980s actually showed that some compounds in aloe cause an increase in the removal of particles that may trigger asthma attacks. While it is important to remember that aloe vera should not be relied on to treat an ongoing asthma attack, it has been shown to be highly effective to prevent future attacks, or to lessen the severity of attacks. Even if you use aloe and it appears to help, always have your rescue inhaler nearby for attacks.

A common issue with aloe vera products in general is the natural laxative effect that they have on the human body, which may be welcomed by some but presents a huge drawback for others. Fortunately, a breakthrough formulation of aloe vera supplements has removed this problem entirely – Aloeride©.

Aloeride© manufacturers do not use the skin of the plant, which is the part that is responsible for the laxative effect. Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards using only the highest quality specimens of the most potent aloe vera plant on earth, Aloeride© is privately prescribed by doctors and therapists, but can also be purchased securely via the internet.

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