Aloe Vera and the hearth


Arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is one of the most important health challenges of our modern time. Unfortunately, it is a consequence of aging and a very common malady among the aging population. There are, however, a number of things that can be done to prevent or even reverse hardening of the arteries, and therefore, improve the quality and duration of your life.

A wonder drug that has been revered through the ages for its healing properties and benefits to overall health, aloe vera, is now available in its most potent form in a tasteless, tiny capsule called Aloeride©. Aloeride© has all of the benefits of the aloe vera plant without any of the side effects of many competitive supplements on the market.

Aloe has been shown in clinical studies to lower triglycerides and the ‘bad cholesterol’, LDL. These intensive studies suggest that when aloe is added to the daily diet, symptoms and signs of coronary artery disease disappear or are vastly reversed. Some patients in these studies were able to discontinue many of the medications that they were on for a myriad of problems, including chest pain, blood pressure, and blood sugar medications. All with the help of one tiny capsule!

A well-known and stringent study of 5,000 persons with documented coronary artery disease and angina pectoris (chest pain on physical exertion) were included in this study. Angina pectoris indicates a lack of circulation of blood to vital heart muscles. The sufferers in this study incorporated aloe vera into their diets for a specified period of time. Researchers concluded that there were no more signs of angina pectoris and no lethal heart attacks. In some cases, patients were able to discontinue use of prescription medication that they had been formerly using to control symptoms of their disease.

A person suffering from hardening of the arteries has received microscopic damage to both small and large arteries, with hardened plaque building up inside these important vessels of the circulatory and coronary systems. This build-up of plaque makes blood circulation difficult, depriving organs and tissues of life-giving blood. This, in turn, causes damage to those organs and tissues and causes a build up of carbon dioxide and other toxic waste that a healthy artery would normally carry away.

When the coronary arteries are blocked, blood doesn’t make its normal healthy journey through the body’s systems as it should. Physical exertion causes the heart muscle to need more oxygen, but when it requests that added oxygen (from the blood) and the request goes unfulfilled, heart muscle can be damaged or the heart muscle may even die. Death of the heart muscle, in layman’s terms, is called a heart attack. If the right muscle of the heart dies, the person will die almost instantaneously.

Aloeride’s© all natural, pharmaceutical strength formulation alleviates the coronary syndrome by reducing platelet stickiness, which is the same science behind aspirin and Plavix, which are currently used by millions of people. The platelet’s function is to make the blood clot, stopping bleeding when blood vessels are injured. When these platelets become more sticky than usual, the platelet forms a clot in the blood vessel whose walls are lined with too much plaque. This action will sometimes cause the blood flow to permanently be cut off from that artery or blood vessel.

This clotting can cause irreparable damage to the tissues of the brain by causing a stroke. Diabetes can complicate the situation further, as the disease accelerates the process of small vessel disease and damage to tissues and organs.

Aloe vera has the remarkable ability to reduce platelet stickiness and decrease the inflammation caused by microvascular injury. The all natural formulation of Aloeride© can reduce the build-up and even reverse the potential lethal hardening of the arteries, giving you a higher quality of life.

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