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The long needed call for a green environment has been spreading like wildfire across the entire planet! With growing consciousness about preservation, recycling and investing in the environmental future of the Earth, no place has shown a bigger heart for everything green than Hollywood celebrities! In fact, the entertainment industry has been leading the way by adopting a total green-friendly lifestyle.

With growing concern about global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps, it has suddenly become very chic to go green, and it has spilled over to almost every aspect of our lives. In Los Angeles, there are green spas, green furniture, green stores, green gifts, green kiddie parties, and even eco-friendly green limousine service for the hottest, green-loving celebs. The freeways of Southern California are being flooded with electric and hybrid cars, and it has become a social “no-no” to drive the giant SUVs and trucks that were once so modish.

If you still drive a gas guzzler, you must brace yourself. Try pulling into the parking lot of a Whole Foods supermarket in that hip Hummer of yours. You’ll be met with cold, hard, confusing stares, or maybe you’ll be the recipient of a full-blown lecture from a complete stranger (or a celebrity), on the evils of your choice in transportation. And don’t forget your recyclable cloth tote to hold your purchases, because plastic bags are a thing of the (recent) past! As celebrity green-phene Heidi Klum puts it, “you’re definitely out”, if you don’t participate in the green way of life.

This novel, new found consciousness does have farther reaching, deeper implications. It is not just an appreciation for just how delicate and fragile our environment is, and it is not just an awakening to how the environment must be respected, cared for, and nurtured. This movement towards understanding the responsibility we have as citizens of Earth to respect nature has also brought about an awareness of how we most urgently need to address the damage sustained to our own internal environment.

Celebrities have to look beautiful. But a new trend is focusing on becoming beautiful from the inside out. Celebs and others have been congregating en masse to green spas with gusto in a quest to eliminate toxins and repair cells that have been damaged from pollution and stress. They have also been drawn to realize that even with a myriad of external and topical treatments, and consuming a totally organic diet, they are still limited in what they can achieve internally for their bodies. So the question has become, what more can you do to help foster a more seamless eco-balanced internal environment where the body’s internal organs can operate in the cleanest and most efficient manner and be fed the nutrients that they both desire and need?

Hollywood’s quest for the purest, greenest products which realistically deliver on their promises to naturally feed, restore, and replenish the internal body has revealed an astonishing product – Aloeride©.
The popular buzz about this all natural product that is made from nature’s ancient wonder plant, aloe vera, is based on clinical facts, not marketing hype. Aloeride© is made in England using the most potent species of the aloe vera plant family, and using only select plants that meet or exceed pharmaceutical standards.

Traditional aloe vera supplements are made from plants that usually aren’t inspected, are less potent, and contain the skin of the plant, which is known to produce an undesirable laxative effect. Aloeride© manufacturers remove all of the harmful parts of the plant, while this special formulation delivers an astonishing 300 types of molecules directly into your bloodstream via a small, easy to swallow, odorless and tasteless capsule. Even those with food allergies or sensitivities can use Aloeride© with confidence because it is 100% hypoallergenic.

Delivering life, health, and vitality to every cell in the body, Aloeride© was developed to heal and sustain, restoring the body from the inside out.

Join Hollywood’s hottest celebrities in your own quest to build a healthier internal environment and become beautiful from the inside out. Aloeride© epitomizes green in every sense of the word!

Posted On:  September 6, 2016
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