Aloe Vera Cream, Aloe Vera Liquid Or Something Better?


Aloe vera cream and aloe vera liquid are winners; there is no doubt about it. Move over winners. There is a “new kid on the block.” It is different from any other aloe vera product.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in the United States have literally saturated the market with all kinds of aloe vera products. Whether it is through creams, gels or hair ingredients, aloe vera is part of the ingredients.

But how can you be sure aloe vera is really in those products and if so, has it been diluted? You will need to know that since aloe vera powder is very different from the rest of these goods
Why do people use aloe vera? To make them feel better. It calms digestive tract disorders, ulcers and can even affect cardiovascular disorders for the good when aloe vera is taken internally.

Nevertheless, aloe vera has always been used for skin care.
Perhaps a comparison of the products now on the market will peak your interest in the benefits of aloe vera powder, a very different aloe vera product, for many reasons.

Is drinking aloe vera the best way to take this supplement? Many people think so, sharing the comment that it gets absorbed quicker and is easier to “down” than a pill. Okay…how many of these liquids contain pure 100% aloe vera extracts?

On close examination, almost all of these liquid products contain added ingredients such as water, salt, flavors and preservatives. These additives influence the way the product works on the body.
What makes Aloe Vera Powder unique?

There are no additives; it is completely undiluted aloe vera as nature intended.

Lets’ examine aloe vera creams and lotions. Applying aloe vera creams or lotions should be the most ideal way to experience the healing qualities of aloe vera. But, is it? By applying the creams or lotions, your body benefits from the nourishment being absorbed into the skin. Again…is it? How well do the marketed aloe vera creams and/or lotions get absorbed into the skin? Did you know that most of them fail in this absorption test? That’s right. Instead of being absorbed, the aloe vera cream or lotion stays on top of the skin. Have you ever noticed how greasy you are a few hours later after apply an aloe vera based cream? No absorption there.

When an aloe vera powder pill is taken, it immediately nourishes the body in less than 60 minutes and stays within the body almost 75% longer. Those are impressive statistics, given the present economy and the need to purchase quality items who do what they say they will do.

If you are still doubtful about aloe vera powder, try it this winter and notice the positive change almost immediately. You will be amazed how your skin will feel and you just may never believe those hyped-up ads on aloe vera products now on the store shelves. But of course, Aloe vera cream and liquids will always be top natural products because of the healing qualities of aloe vera it self.

Posted On:  April 8, 2016
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