Aloe Vera Is Safe Even For Diabetics


For eons, plants have been the foundation of our medicine cabinets. Various illnesses have been treated using numerous plants, especially the aloe vera plant as noted in Indian literature. Several thousand of these plant species have been used as remedies or the groundwork for medications.

In this literature, plants have been used to treat diabetes and some actually have anti-diabetic properties. The most common plants studied and the most successful in treating diabetes, among many, are Allium cepa, Allium sativum, aloe vera, and Cajanus cajan.

Hypoglycemia and anti-hyperglycemic activities were shown in a varying degrees with the use of all these plants.

Living in the Arabian Peninsula, the dried sap of the aloe vera plant is used as the traditional remedy for diabetes. When ½ teaspoon of the aloe vera was ingested during studies on humans with non-insulin dependent diabetes and Swiss albino mice, the fasting serum glucose level dropped within four to 14 weeks from an average of 273 to 151. No weight gain or loss was noted. Even individuals who were hypoglycemic benefited from the use of aloe vera to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

Numerous studies and trials have been done and though the conclusion is still insufficient to draw definite conclusions as to the effectiveness of individual herbs, the overwhelming evidence is that they are safe and non-toxic to humans. The 108 trials which examined 35 herbs, either single or in combination, involved 4,565 patients with diabetes or having been diagnosed as glucose intolerant.

Of the 58 trials, primarily done with Type II diabetic patients, glucose control was positive in 76% of the patients. Because of these positive results in the preliminary trials, aloe vera and a few others will need continued research.

Aloeride® which contains pure aloe vera has shown a positive outcome in individuals with Type II diabetes. Their blood sugar levels returned close to normal and the body’s immune system was stimulated in order to meet the demands that the pancreas needed to make sure that body cells were utilizing ingested sugar in the proper manner. Sugar that is unable to permeate the cell wall stays in the blood and contributes to the increased level of blood glucose.

Diabetes is an awful disease; it is an insidious disease. If left unchecked, the negative effects will eventually affect other organs of the body, primarily the circulatory system as well as the renal system. Even eyesight is affected by the aggressive onslaught that uncontrolled elevated sugar levels has on the body.

With the use of aloe vera capsules, a person with diagnosed diabetes as well as a person with pre-diabetic glucose levels will see an improvement in their blood sugar readings as well as a decline in the damage that elevated blood sugar levels has on the entire body.

Posted On:  April 10, 2016
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