Aloe Vera Products Consumer Tips


For an Aloe Vera Product to work properly the Aloe Gel needs to be the principle ingredient.

In terms of the consumer products the International Aloe Science Council (IASC – A non-profit trade organization for the Aloe Vera industry world-wide) .allows the term ‘Juice’ to be used for a liquid containing only 15% Aloe Vera. For it to qualify as a ‘Gel’ it must contain at least 85% certified Aloe Vera.

The filleted inner Leaf Gel is superior to ‘Aloe Juices’ produced by using the Whole Leaf. This is because this product would need to be filtered and often heated and may remove essential parts of the Aloe and spoil its natural synergism which enhances all of its properties.

Best time to drink Aloe Vera Gel

It would be better drunk on an empty stomach to get maximum benefit. The dose taken can be split. For example first thing in the morning and again late afternoon.

How long before a benefit is felt?

This will depend on the individual; most people will have a timescale between six to twelve weeks. A few will have benefit before that. I suggest you write down all your symptoms, aches and pains or simply how you feel before you start. Tick them off as they disappear. Remember Aloe Vera is a Silent Healer.

How to store the Aloe Vera Gel

As it is a natural food once opened it should be refrigerated with the lid tightly closed. It tastes nicer chilled but if you do not like the taste initially try mixing it with pure fruit juice of honey. Shake the bottle before use as the natural pulp will have settled. Check the use by date on the label.

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