Aloe Vera Vs Cancer Of The Vocal Chords


This next “Aloe Vera” question was quite saddening to read but I endeavoured to offer the lady as much guidance as I could. I never heard from her again but I hope her husband went on to make a full recovery. Her question was…

“My husband has cancer of the vocal chords. I wonder if you could advise me about the use of Aloe Vera juice to sooth his throat. We have tried almost every conventional remedy to no avail. I would appreciate your help with this problem.”
Following is the gist of my reply, I’ve edited it to protect the lady’s and her husband’s privacy.
“Your question reminded me of a gentleman I know about who suffered from oral thrush as a result of lung cancer and had a lot of difficulties swallowing as a result of soreness in his mouth.
He was introduced to a concentrated form of Aloe Vera liquid for local application and gargling. He also started drinking 30-40 millilitres of Aloe Vera gel twice a day.
Within a few days, the soreness in his mouth had disappered and he was able to swallow naturally.
The particular product he used contains concentrated stabilised Aloe Vera gel with Allantonin, an organic renewal cell growth. It is quite versatile and very effective when used to gargle regularly as it serves as an excellent painkiller and will help reduce any inflammation and discomfort your husband may be experiencing.
Also, I strongly recommend your husband goes on a course of Aloe Vera gel drinks. Drinking 30-40 milliltres first thing in the morning before food and last thing at night daily will give him enormous benefits as they have a remarkable effect on the immune system.
I would be happy to send you more detailed information by post…
Please do not hesitate to write me again if you have any further questions.”

Posted On:  February 15, 2016
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