Are You Happy Using Steroid Creams


How many people do you know with a skin problem. I had one for a start. It started in a bad way after my twins were born .

Because they were premature they were in a special care unit and I was already covered in a nerve rash! But, because I had to wash my hands in a special antiseptic wash it made my fingers split.

That was the start of dermatitis and I was already an excema sufferer. Statistics say 1 in 3 suffer from a skin complaint.

So you are bound to know of a few. Anyway here is something that will interest you if you are still with me!

If you are after a unique moisturiser OR something that doesn’t have a chemical steroid in it the Aloe Propolis Crème is the answer.

It is a combination of Aloe Vera with its natural steroid like action and Bee Propolis, natures natural antibiotic.

Forever Living is the worlds largest producer of Bee Products as well as Aloe Vera.

Propolis is what the bees line their hives with to keep the conditions inside the hive sterile.

So, consider these benefits:
-this crème is excellent as a skin moisturiser and conditioner.

-all its ingredients are recognised for their contribution to a healthy skin.

-chamomile and comfrey are included 2 of natures best known skincare herbs.

-also allantoin and vitamin A and E also recognised for their natural skin conditioning properties.

Propolis crème can help with some skin disorders and has been used in clinical trials within the Dermatology Dept. in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

I found this very soothing on my excema and it healed my split fingers in 3 days where no steroid cream had touched it.

People I have known with psoriasis have had very pleasing results too.

Additional supplements that can help these conditions are Artic Sea, Nature Min, Absorbent C, and A Beta Care.

Its perfectly suited to moisturising any dry skin and I have a friend who uses it on her face as a moisturiser! And as an after sun, she swears she never peels!

Also great for massage.

Great for stings and minor burns (as it has to be rubbed in so not so good for large burn areas, use gelly instead). After all it is nicknamed the “burns plant”.

Which brings me to the Aloe Vera Gelly in a tube. “1st Aid in a Tube” I call it.

It is suitable for anything to do with skin, burns, cold sores, bites, stings, rashes, grazes, cuts, and put in your eyes for styes and on your piles, if you are unfortunate enough to have ‘em, its easy to spread over infected areas you’ll be pleased to know.

Put it in your mouth for sore gums, mouth ulcers,babies teething gums and for your sensitive teeth.

Whew!…….and the list goes on.

Aloe Vera just speeds up the healing process and so prevents infection and so reduces scarring.

It is so pure that this product has been allowed to be used on the skin before radiotherapy treatment . So many Aloe products have chemical additives and would interfere with the Radiation. One particular hospital in UK tested it before use and said “they had never seen one so pure “.

The lady concerned did not have any radiation burn, irritation or dry skin and she drank the Gel to improve her energy levels and quality of life.

So, there you have it, two unique products for problems that need steroid creams.

If Aloes natural steroid like action is not enough they can be used with steroid creams as complementary. BUT you must put the Aloe on 1st to protect the skin.

Posted On:  March 21, 2016
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