Best Essential Oils For Skin Care

by Hilda R. Smith
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Best Essential Oils For Skin Care

Looking good starts with great skin, and aromatherapy can help you achieve this in various ways; the remarkable penetrative properties of essential oils make them excellent moisturizers, and the wide range of their properties means there is always the right oil for the right condition. For instance, rosemary stimulates the circulation and thyme help the cells to regenerate. As well as being stimulating to the lymphatic system, which helps cleanse the tissue that causes sluggish skin, essential oils can be used as part of your daily skin-care routine and to treat specific problems such as acne. Acne, Because of their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and rebalancing properties, essential oils are ideal skin treatments for acne sufferers. It is often a mistake to scrub oily skin over-zealously; this only activates the sebaceous glands, which in turn produce more sebum. If you suffer from pustular acne then avoid excessive facial steams, which may spread the condition, this is why a skin peel if ideal for those acne sufferers. Often it is better to opt for a daily sensitive-skin type cleanser and moisturizer, adding two drops of juniper, which is stimulating and antiseptic. Increase you intake of vitamin E, which is a great skin healer.

Broken veins, These small, red, spider-like thread veins often appear on the surface of skin around the cheek area. They are broken capillaries and seem to affect those with a delicate or fragile skin type. Hot and cold elements, along with stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine, can often trigger this condition. Facial peels can help treat the broken veins under the surface by helping the skin from losing excess moisture and giving it extra essential oils to treat the skin. Cold sores are small blisters on the lips or surrounding area which are caused by the virus herpes simplex. It normally lies dormant in the nerve cells but can surface following a simple cold or flu. Any lip sore that persists should be treated medically but for the common cold sore a dab of undiluted tea tree oil will help.

Odd spots, If prone to occasional spots then mix one drop each of neroli, lemon and lavender in one teaspoon of base oil and treat just the affected area. For a single spot use a cotton bud and dab on one drop of undiluted sandalwood. Aromatherapists never start a massage immediately. In order to provide the most effective treatment, the therapist has to be ascertain the state of mind and body of the individual, and establish whether there are any specific problems to attend to. To help them to treat a wide variety of complaints, aromatherapists have many oils at their fingertips, but they never mix or use them until they have worked out a prescription for the receiver’s individual needs. Mixing the oils is a trained art, yet there are simple recipes you can use at home to deal with specific problems from muscular aches and pains to headaches and stress. With potent essential oils it is far better to use less, rather than more, so if in doubt, start the massage technique with a base oil like sweet almond and add two or three drops of just one essential oil. Lavender, rosemary and geranium are good all-purpose oils, or use chamomile for particularly sensitive skin.

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