How to Cure Gastrointestinal Inflammatory Disease With Aloe Vera

Being diagnosed with a gastrointestinal inflammatory disease is indeed very depressing. Especially is this so when no cause can be found. Not only does this limit a person’s lifestyle, it can definitely become a “breaking the bank” situation as visits to numerous doctors in an attempt to get help and relief is almost always done in vain.

There is relief for gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases in the form of Aloeride®, an aloe vera derivative. It has effectively treated rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis. The aloe kills bacterium and has been shown to reduce acid secretion.

An increase in stomach acid can lead to ulcers or chronic stomach irritation. Never mind the pain that accompanies these conditions. Treating this withAloeride® decreases the production of stomach acid and heals the stomach lining. Numerous tests have been done on aloe vera to suggest that the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera gel may have some therapeutic effect on inflammatory bowel disease.

Another study done with Aloeride® concluded that taken orally for four weeks, Aloeride® produced a clinical response more often than a placebo and reduced the disease activity, thus appearing to be safe. Whether this can be said of aloe vera gel in treating inflammatory bowel disease needs to be further established.
Aloeride® has been shown to…

• Kill bacteria which is the cause of chronic stomach and duodenal ulcers
• Reduce the amount of acid secretion

Prescription drugs reduced the stomach acid but did not appear to heal the area. In addition, the therapeutic effect was not long lasting. Cancer of the stomach may be brought about by gastritis (chronic inflammation) and stomach ulcers, and ulcerative colitis may be a factor in contributing cancer found in the gut.

After exhaustive testing, it appears that Aloeride® exceeds in various treatment of the intestines and seems to surpass aloe vera gel in treating a variety of internal ailments, specifically gastrointestinal inflammatory disease. Taken orally, it is to be noted that the healing effect begins within 60 minutes and lasts for quite come time.

Made with 100% natural aloe vera with no added fillers or properties, Aloeride® provides a therapeutic effect on the body’s ability to build its immune system, thereby being able to address the weakened state of ones intestinal tract. When this is done, than the accumulated toxins leave the body, allowing the healing effect of Aloeride® to take a better hold.

With this comes better absorption of the nutrients from the food we eat and better assimilation throughout the body cells, creating in us more energy and a healthier body.

How Much Aloe Vera Should I Drink Daily

Once again I’m dealing with a couple of questions I’ve been asked about Aloe Vera by visitors to my site. One is quite interesting and the other one quite touching.
The first question I’ll be dealing with today is…

you guessed it, the second question I ever received after launching this site!

There’s something else I’m going to do at the end of these blog entries.

In response to the number of queries I’ve received regarding the Aloe Vera products my husband and I use I’m actually going to offer 6 FREE different mini-samples of the exact same products we use to all my Aloe-Ha!!newsletter readers!

So if you’re subscribed to Aloe-Ha!! you don’t have to do anything, just sit tight and look out for my email in the next few days. If you haven’t subscribed to Aloe-Ha!! then you’d best hurry over now and grab your free subscription toAloe-Ha!! the newsletter.

And now on today’s question and answer blog entry…
“How much in milliliters I should drink Aloe gel to protect me if I have no disease and I’m taking vitamins?”

This was my reply:

“With regards to your question about how much Aloe Vera to drink, it is best to introduce it gradually to your system.

A good dosage to start with is one tablespoon (which is about 15 millilitres) twice a day and then you can build it up to 30 millilitres twice a day after about one week.

Within a month of taking Aloe Vera on a regular basis you can build up your intake to 60 millilitres twice a day which is how much my husband and I personally drink on a daily basis.

The amount of Aloe Vera you take is usually a matter of choice and how you feel, sometimes you may need to take a little bit more to boost your immunity against things like colds and bugs. Remember there are no known side effects from drinking Aloe Vera.

I suggest that you take your Aloe Vera first thing in the morning and just before bed at night as this is when you will receive the most benefits.

Do not forget to put your Aloe Vera drink in the fridge once opened as some brands have very short shelf lives.

Please let me know how you are getting on and don’t hesitate to drop me another line if you have any further questions about this wonderful plant.”

Have A Natural Holiday With Aloe Vera

Have you ever found yourself in a position, wondering what to shop for the holidays, especially Christmas? Who needs what, when, where and how much. This seems to be the norm on a yearly basis. What to get that is special and unique.

Your trudge from one department store to the next; it is cold and windy. Your skin is looking like the weather is taking its toll on it. Dry, chafed hands, scaly legs and the need for a moisturizer that will work wonders is what you are after. You have tried almost every moisturizer known to man and really, nothing works.
Most of the time you walk around feeling greasy and wonder if any of it soaked into your skin. You know your clothes are covered with it.
Think aloe vera, a popular herb in America, widely used for scrapes, bruises and wounds. Aloe vera is grown in private homes for its healing properties. Taken internally, aloe vera nourishes and protects the body from diseases as well as offering a means to heal from the inside out. If you do have an aloe vera plant in your home and have attempted to take it internally, you know just how bad it can taste. It is great when applied on the skin, but eaten raw is another story. You definitely wouldn’t have a lot of friends left should you get this for their gifts.
Aloeride® is an aloe vera plant in a pill
It is potent. It is natural. It has no added ingredients. It is not watered down. It is straight from the plant, manufactured into a capsule for easy ingestion. If pills are hard for you to swallow, than break the capsule and add to your favorite beverage. Using Aloeride® regularly will increase the skin’s collagen and help in retaining the skin’s moisture. This will alleviate dry, flaky skin.
Within a few weeks after taking Aloeride® your skin will glow, look healthier and feel fuller and moist. Aloeride® works from the inside out. Cold weather brings on mouth ulcers which will be a thing of the past as will eczema. Even your GI tract will thank you by doing what Nature intended. It is a widely known fact among the health professionals that a working inside will reflect positively on the outside.
Aloeride® taken internally will help you reach a goal of a youthful looking skin. Let “Old Man Winter” do it’s damage on anyone or anything touched, but the harm doesn’t have to be on your skin. Opt for a smooth, supple skin by Christmas for yourself and those on your shopping list.
Not only will they thank you but a healthy immune system will also “thank you” by keeping those nasty viruses away and allowing a radiant you to enjoy the holidays.

Forever Aloe Vera Gel Stabilisation

Forever Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from freshly harvested, mature leaves and stabilized to protect its essential nutritional content within hours.
The stabilization process is patented by Forever Living Products’ Founder, Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO Mr. Rex Maughan.
No artificial flavouring or colouring is added to the gel. As there are many harvests during the course of the year, colour and taste may vary. It has been known for some companies to add bleaching agents to their Aloe Vera products, to keep the colour consistent on the shelves, all year long. It is my firml believe that the colour variations are NATURAL and HEALTHY.
Although a large proportion of Aloe Vera Gel is naturally composed of water, anybody seeing the raw gel will know that it is not a thin clear liquid.
Forever Aloe Vera Gel is NOT homogenised or filtered. Their drinks have a rich pulp which settles and contains much of the goodness of Aloe Vera that is necessary in our daily diets. We advise you to shake the drinks well to receive the full benefit from our pulp. There are some companies who offer Aloe Vera with the pulp strained, giving it the appearance of bottled water.
Since the traditional, well-proven benefits of Aloe Vera are found in the gel, not the rind, Forever Living discards the useless rinds, using them as natural fertilisers in its Aloe fields.
Their Aloe Vera is not boiled. Boiling or pasteurisation is cheaper and faster. Excessive heat destroys the active ingredients. They use only sub-pasteurisation temperatures (known as ‘cool processing’) to ensure enzyme activity is preserved. Cool processing locks in the nutrients immediately for a greater time.
Their Aloe Vera is not reconstituted from freeze-dried gel. This is how some companies can offer ‘double-strength’ products and so on. Their products contain 100% stabilised Aloe Vera gel, from plant to product to you. 100% stabilised Aloe Vera is the FIRST ingredient on the labels of our drinks, gelly and lotions.
Forever Aloe Vera Gel essentially identical
The Food and Drug Laboratories of New York have declared that the Aloe Vera Gel is ‘essentially identical’ to the raw gel. In other words, drinkingForever Aloe Vera Gel is like breaking open a leaf and scooping out the gel without the toxins and pollutants present in the leaves.
There is a complete unconditional retail money-back guarantee on all their products, which is not offered on most store-bought Aloe Vera.

Fight Wrinkles Using Aloe Vera Gel

Who of us wants to get old? Even if we were fastidious in taking care of our skin, the aging process creeps up on us and wrinkles become a part of our genetic wedding makeup sydney. What can aloe vera gel do for you? Stimulate new cell growth. The interior gel from an aloe vera plant increases the production of the fibroblast cells at a faster than normal pace when skins cells are being reproduced.
These fibroblast cells produce collagen, the skin’s support protein. As we age, the skin’s collagen is not quite perfect and the wrinkles formed will become deeper. Aloe improves the fibroblast cell’s accuracy and also speeds up the process of making collagen. This “softens” the appearance of wrinkles.
Polysaccharides and bridal makeup perth the gel found in aloe vera and this may contribute to the reorganization of epidermal cells located in the skin’s thin protective surface. Aging causes these cells to become loose which allow water and moisture to “escape” thereby not allowing skin cells to mature properly. Dirt, bacteria and other unclean microorganisms enter, causing scaly skin.
Epidermal cells will need to tighten up giving complexions a more youthful looking skin and the protective covering keeps moisture within the layers.
With burned skin, severe dryness is a factor that needs to be dealt with. In burn centers, aloe vera works well with individuals who have been badly burned. The aloe vera gel penetrates the skin far more efficient than water does. This seems odd as aloe vera gel is comprised of 99.5% water. An ingredient must give aloe vera the unique ability to penetrate the skins layers faster than water.
Aloe vera is very soothing on any damaged skin. Cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites react immediately when aloe vera is applied. Even acne responds positively to the application of aloe vera gel. Acne is brought on my inflamed pores which produce swelling, irritation, pimples and pustules. The claming and healing benefits of aloe vera minimizes the physical symptoms as well as improves a person’s over general well being, both physically and mentally.
Our skin is the largest organ on our body and the one we easily can see. It is not the only organ that needs tender loving care. Inside of our bodies also need care and by using Aloeride® internally, we can learn to take the best possible care of ourselves as we age.
Not only are wrinkles softened with the use of aloe vera gel, taking aloe vera juice internally encourages the body to health which in turn creates healthy skin layers and offers protection against numerous free radicals.

Facts On The aloe vera

After extensive research on my part I have compiled most – if not all – of the important facts on the Aloe Vera Gel: The Power Source of Aloe Vera!

In spite of all the good that has been said and written about Aloe Vera and the Aloe Vera gel – which I call the power source of Aloe Vera, I believe there is still a wealth of information yet to be discovered.
Following in summary form is a list of currently available facts on the Aloe Vera gel:

Note that while some of these facts refer to the external – topical – use of the Aloe Vera gel, others refer to its use when consumed as a liquid.
Aloe Vera gel is anti-pyretic, it reduces heat.
Aloe Vera gel is anti-puritic, it soothes itching.
It moisturises without closing off Oxygen which is crucial to the repair process and as it does so it replaces lost fluids that are needed in the process. This is why Aloe Vera gel helps reduce scarring so effectively.
It has almost the same pH factor as the human skin and is also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it has little likelihood of causing an allergic response.
Aloe Vera revitalises good tissue and improves the tissue function from cellular level.
Aloe Vera is an adaptogen which means it is a substance which increases non-specific resistance of an organism to adverse influences such as infection or stress.
These adaptogenic properties mean that different individuals take from the Aloe Vera gel what they need, therefore the benefits vary from person to person.
Aloe Vera works with the body, simply providing excellent nutrition so that the body can take care of itself.
The Aloe Vera gel is excellent for speed healing of first-degree burns, including sunburns and easing certain minor second-degree burns.
If applied after the burn has cooled, it will relieve pain and inflammation and accelerate healing.
The Aloe Vera gel soothes and hastens healing of cuts, scrapes, and other minor wounds and skin irritations.
The gel contains a number of active ingredients, including substances known to help relieve pain, reduce swelling, quell itching, and increase blood flow to an injured area.
More facts on the Aloe Vera gel that have been made available through scientific research indicate that it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Facts on the Aloe Vera Gel in Cosmetic Products
Aloe Vera gel has become very popular as a moisturising ingredient in cosmetics and its popularity is such that it is now probably the most widely used ingredient in skin care products.
According to the January/February 2003 issue of the German publication, SOFW, Aloe Vera was the highlighted ingredient in 1,557 new product launches worldwide including of course several cosmetic products.

Studies at the University of Texas in 1984 showed that the application of Aloe Vera gel to the skin accelerates fibroblasts that help in the manufacture of Collagen, the protein that controls skin slackening and wrinkling.
In a Glamour Magazine article, Aloe Vera was second only to vitamins when readers were asked what ingredient they wanted to see in their skin care products. Aloe Vera has long been used in skin and hair care products, going as far back as the time of the legendary beauty – Queen Cleopatra!

Cultivation Of Aloe Vera Plants

Helpful tips for cultivation of Aloe Vera plants at home, at work, at school…

Cultivation of Aloe Vera plants is predominant and most successful in warm, dry countries. Aloe Vera does not naturally do well in frosty climates.

However If you live in a cold climate and want to grow Aloe Vera, all hope is not lost. You just need to follow these steps.

First of all, you must ensure that you cultivate your Aloe Vera plant indoors with a minimum temperature of 55°F/13°C.

Plant it in good-quality compost mixed with sand, with plenty of pebbles or little rocks at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage. If you have enough space, start with a large pot – at least 18 inches/45 cm in diameter to allow the plant to grow to its full size.

You will find that the Aloe Vera plant requires low maintenance once the climatic conditions are right for it, it grows slowly and needs little water.

It comes to full maturity at about 4 years so a good idea when considering the cultivation of Aloe Vera plants would be to start with a fair-sized, relatively mature plant which can be as tall as 4 feet/1.2 metres in height. Find out the age of the plant before buying it so that you know how long to wait before harvesting it.

A common mistake that occurs in the cultivation of Aloe Vera plants is the tendency to over-water. Watering the soil once a week when the soil feels dry should be enough. When watering add 1 or 2 cups/200 or 400 ml of water and make sure that the plant has good drainage at all times.

In really hot weather you can soak the entire pot for a while always making sure there is good drainage to prevent the risk of rotting the roots.

On the other hand, if you do not water your Aloe Vera plant enough, the plant will “tell” you this by growing thin leaves which collapse into the middle. Without sufficient water the plant absorbs its own water, resulting in thin leaves. All you need do in this sort of situation is add more water.

Another crucial factor in the cultivation of Aloe Vera plants is light. Light is crucial for the well being of the Aloe Vera plant. You must make sure that your Aloe Vera plant has plenty of light because without this the leaves go flat instead of curving upwards. Having said this if Aloe Vera is unduly exposed to very strong sunlight it goes brown in which case you’ll need to give it more water.

Aloe Vera is very sensitive to fluoridated water, it leads to brown spots appearing on the leaves. Use spring or mineral water if you live in a water fluoride region.

I can almost hear you saying, I thought you said it was a low maintenance plant?! Honestly it is, once you’ve put these conditions in place.

For cultivation of Aloe Vera plants outdoors, note that it likes sun and a lot of wind. Wind strenghtens the succulent leaves. If planted indoors you can compensate for the lack of wind by placing it near a door where it can get some draught, or by an open window when the weather is warm enough.

As your Aloe Vera plant grows, you will notice that it starts to develops new shoots. Separate these from the mother plant once they are a few inches high otherwise they will draw nutrients from the mother plant. To propagate Aloe Vera, transplant these new shoots and maintain them in the same way.

When harvesting your Aloe Vera plant, always take an outside leaf near the bottom of the plant first, as this will be the most mature and therefore have the greatest curative properties.

You will find that after cutting off your chosen leaf, the Aloe Vera plant will quickly seal the cut to itself. Aloe Vera is its own first patient!

Aloe Vera Vs Cancer Of The Vocal Chords

This next “Aloe Vera” question was quite saddening to read but I endeavoured to offer the lady as much guidance as I could. I never heard from her again but I hope her husband went on to make a full recovery. Her question was…

“My husband has cancer of the vocal chords. I wonder if you could advise me about the use of Aloe Vera juice to sooth his throat. We have tried almost every conventional remedy to no avail. I would appreciate your help with this problem.”
Following is the gist of my reply, I’ve edited it to protect the lady’s and her husband’s privacy.
“Your question reminded me of a gentleman I know about who suffered from oral thrush as a result of lung cancer and had a lot of difficulties swallowing as a result of soreness in his mouth.
He was introduced to a concentrated form of Aloe Vera liquid for local application and gargling. He also started drinking 30-40 millilitres of Aloe Vera gel twice a day.
Within a few days, the soreness in his mouth had disappered and he was able to swallow naturally.
The particular product he used contains concentrated stabilised Aloe Vera gel with Allantonin, an organic renewal cell growth. It is quite versatile and very effective when used to gargle regularly as it serves as an excellent painkiller and will help reduce any inflammation and discomfort your husband may be experiencing.
Also, I strongly recommend your husband goes on a course of Aloe Vera gel drinks. Drinking 30-40 milliltres first thing in the morning before food and last thing at night daily will give him enormous benefits as they have a remarkable effect on the immune system.
I would be happy to send you more detailed information by post…
Please do not hesitate to write me again if you have any further questions.”

Aloe Vera Treatments

Health is something we should all learn to treasure it before we lose it.
While there are many of us who take our health for granted until we start to suffer from certain disorder, the positive trend now is many are seeking natural health treatments for their conditions or just for staying healthy.
Aloe vera is one wonderful plant which has been used traditionally for its medicinal uses. However, this herbal plant did not get the recognition it deserves until recently when its potency for certain illnesses and disease has been proven.
Not all aloe vera supplements are created equal
Now, before running headlong to the nearest herbal supplements store to buy your aloe vera supplement, or starting an aloe vera garden in your backyard, it is better to take time and do some research on this amazing herbal plant. You have heard about using aloe vera juice for better immune system or using aloe vera gel for healthy hair and skin.
Indeed aloe vera is no stranger to us. However, ask yourself, do you know that not all aloe plant is made equal? Do you know which type of aloe vera plant contain the most potent medicinal value?
There are so many forms of aloe vera supplements in the market, ranging from aloe juice, aloe gel, aloe cream, aloe pills, aloe powder and so on. Do you know which form of aloe vera is the best for your body? Is aloe juice more effective than the other forms? Can aloe vera cream be absorbed by your body? What about additional preservatives and chemicals which may be added in the these aloe vera supplements?
Click Here To Learn About The Strengths and Shortcomings of Various Forms of Aloe Vera
More importantly, can aloe vera help to heal your condition? Aloe vera is good for many types of illnesses and conditions, but in varying degree. We have done the research on the medicinal uses for aloe vera. Click the links on your left for your conditions and learn how aloe vera can help you.

Aloe Vera For Rosacea

Rosacea is a dermatologic condition that affects the midfacial region. More than 50% of patients with rosacea have ocular manifestations. Rosacea is a disorder of the blood vessels that causes them to swell, leading to flushing. It is most often caused by the acidic foods and drinks consumed by the rosacea sufferer as most have known the ‘triggers’ that cause the flushing and redness such as alcohol, coffee, exercise, stress, etc.
Rosacea is usually treated with a topical antibiotic such as metronidazole lotion or gel, which is applied to the affected areas daily. Rosacea also responds well to oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline or erythromycin. Secondary features include burning or stinging, edema, plaques, a dry appearance, ocular manifestations (ranging from mild dryness and irritation to sight-threatening keratitis) and hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands of the nose.
Treatment may include oral antibiotics. Your skin may be too sensitive for you to use ointments on your face. Treatment options include application of a topical gel, oral antibiotics, or laser treatment in more persistent cases. Treatment goals are to control the condition and improve appearance. One thing many sufferers do not understand is these conventional treatments are only good for suppressing the symptoms but not treating the root of the problem.

Moreover, these drugs are known to bring about side effects in the long run.
Many skin problem starts when our body cannot eliminate toxins effectively. Where does all the toxins come from? Our diet, daily stress, and other negative emotions are the main causes of accumulated toxins in our body. One of the main important benefits of aloe vera is its ability to cleanse the body of harmful toxins. Many people with skin problems experienced improved skin quality after taking aloe vera internally. They reported that their skin symptoms has reduced and their skin is noticeably smoother and softer