Aloe vera Gelly

If you are looking for Aloe Vera Gelly you are more than likely looking for a topical product made by a company called Forever Living. This established company is the largest grower and producer of aloe vera and aloe vera products and have been around since 1978.
Where Aloe Vera grows naturally local inhabitants would break off a mature leaf snap it and rub it on the infected part of the skin. Aloe Vera inside the leaf has properties that speed up the healing process, have a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killing effect and will also heal with minimum scarring. So no wonder Aloe Vera Gelly is so popular because this product is just like applying the fresh gel directly from the leaf. By the way you can get Forever Living’s Aloe Vera Gelly here.
I have been using this particular product for well over 12 years and have found a multitude of uses for Aloe Vera Gelly and it has been nick named “first aid in a tube” by my family.
Aloe Vera Gelly and Burns
Two years ago my husband, Mike, burnt his hand badly on a generator. Luckily I had a tube of Aloe Vera Gelly to hand and as it has been known as the “burn plant” I covered his hand in it .The next day I expected to see blisters and redness but his hand had no blistering and the redness almost gone and he was able to use it. This was my first experience of Aloe Vera Gelly.
I started to use it on anything that was to do with the skin just to see if it would work. Initially it does seem sticky to use but you don’t need very much and it is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t stain so I found it very versatile.
Where Else can Aloe Vera Gelly Help?
It was great on superficial things like cuts, bites, prickly heat, sunburn and stings. But stings! The Gelly was another blessing when Mike got attacked by a swarm of wasps well he did put a stake through their nest on a river bank. Unfortunately he was badly stung but Aloe Vera Gelly relieved the itching, swelling, pain, inflammation and soreness very quickly to the degree that it looked as though I was the victim and not him as I hadn’t used the Gelly on myself at that stage.
What I find so reassuring in the use of Aloe Vera Gelly is that it is completely safe to use. It has no adverse side – effects and when it is manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions it is safe to use in any orifice you may care to mention!
It has replaced the steroid cream I used to use on my dermatitis and a friend of mine has had very good results with Aloe Vera Gelly on her psoriasis. As it is none greasy it works well on spots and acne and really helps and despite it being none greasy it is amazing natural moisturiser and is so good at softening hard skin.
So I am not surprised you may be looking for Aloe Vera Gelly as it is something hard to beat !

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