Bridal Hair Accessories Flower

wedding-hair-accessories-1-300x300Bridal flower hair accessories will give your hair a refreshing look. It also provides a soft and exquisite appearance for the bride. Used properly, flower accessories will enhance the whole wedding ensemble.

Floral Hair Clips

Making your own floral hair clips is easy. If you will use real flowers, make the clips as close to the ceremony as possible so they remain fresh.


Flowers or silk flowers
Floral tape
Floral wire
Hair clip

Step 1

Get a 6 inch floral wire and push it halfway in the flower base. Bend it halfway down the stem. Cover the stems using the floral tape. Cut the flowers but leave the stems long enough to connect to hair clips.

Step 2

Put the flowers on the hair clip with the floral wire. The number of flowers you can add will depend on the dimensions of the flowers and the clip. Make sure the flowers are set on only one side of the clip. Make certain the hair clip’s handle is free.

Step 3

Put the ribbon on the clip. Be certain there is color coordination among the flowers and ribbon. You may choose to arrange the ribbon like a bow by creating loops. You can fasten it with a floral ribbon.

Step 4

Put them on your hair.

Bridal Flower Hair Accessories Tips

If you used fresh flowers, keep them in a cool place until the proceedings begin. If you used silk flowers, store them where they won’t be crushed.

You should coordinate the flowers that will be used by the bride and bridesmaids. Don’t use too many different types because it will look confusing. Keep it simple.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Perth with Flowers

Begin by washing your hair and drying it. Put light amounts of hairspray on your hair. Put hot rollers at the tips and roll them to the scalp. Leave it there for 20 minutes. Remove the rollers and shake your hair. Now style the hair (in a pony tail, loose waves, tight spirals etc).

When the hair is set the way you like, apply hairspray. Put the flowers in the back of the ear, back of the hair or any place you like. Use bobby pins to fasten them in place. Add more hairspray when all the flowers are set.

If you want the bridal flower hair accessories to be unique, choose exotic flowers. If you want the classic look, go for white flowers or roses. If you cant do your styling at your own, you can go for makeup artist Mandurah.

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