Combat Teen Acne

That’s right! It wasn’t your imagination. You looked in the mirror this morning and there it was. A huge zit! You are horrified. You just know that everyone in school is going to notice that big “thingy”. Join the club. The teen years are associated with teen acne and the use of aloe vera may be your one and only best friend.
During the teen years, acne is the number one plague that befalls most teenagers. It is a chronic inflammation of the pilo-sebaseous follicles, commonly known as pimples. Most teenagers will outgrow this phase in their life by their late 20’s and a few battle scars may remain. Occasional breakouts may occur but never to the degree it did during those “horrible” teenage years.
A front line defense for teen acne is the application of aloe vera. It can help reduce the severity of an acne outbreak as well as reduce scarring. Its healing properties, written on clay tablets, have been noted thousands of years ago. Taken internally Aloeride®, an oral aloe vera supplement, enhances the immune system thereby reducing teen acne and furthering the health of the skin.
The enhanced immune system is in a better position to reduce the incidence of acne due to the body’s ability to control itself and fight acne problems in teens. It has a natural anti-inflammatory property and acne is an inflammatory disorder. Using Aloeride® reduces the inflamed facial skin, thus reducing the severity and frequency of acne outbreaks.
Aloeride® is taken by mouth and should be taken on a regular basis. It should be a part of the teen’s daily hygienic routine which includes keeping the skin clean, using a facial cleanser. In addition to using Aloeride®, topical application of aloe vera will moisturize the skin and reduce the over production of oil on the skin. A healthy skin can be achieved but it takes perseverance to reach and maintain that goal.
As adults, we can look back and know what a difficult time it is in any teen’s life and to have this be complicated by teen acne when self image is so important, can be a trying time both for the teen as well as the people who care. If a mindset can be created to believe that teen acne is only temporary and with the use of Aloeride® on a daily basis, that temporary condition can be gotten over with at a fairly rapid pace.
Aloeride® is a non-allergenic pill which is easy to swallow
It is an effective way to help teens with their acne and you will know that you are building in them a healthy person from the inside out. Aloe vera can combat teen acne during those teenage years and Aloeride® should be there, along for the ride.

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