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Hi and a warm welcome to my Aloe Vera Benefits Blog and my very first blog post ever!!

Like I said, I’ll be dealing mostly with the different questions on Aloe Vera that you and my other site visitors have asked me.

I received this question back in September 2005, it was actually the very first question I ever received after I launched this site…

The question was:

“I want to know which benefits Aloe Vera can give if it is in a shoe-insole?”

This was my reply…

“With regard to your question about using Aloe Vera in a shoe insole, there are a number of benefits that Aloe Vera can provide…

Some of the features of Aloe Vera are its anti-fungal and anti-microbial activities, which means that it has the ability to kill or prevent growth of fungi of the sort that causes athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

It also helps to reduce foot odour and absorb heat.

I know of someone who even used the same type of Aloe Vera deodorant stick that I use, on his feet to see if it would reduce the sweat from his feet and take the odour away… it did! His feet still sweat though but the odour is gone!

One more benefit of Aloe Vera in this regard is in the prevention and treatment of foot blisters.

Please note that it is very important to ONLY apply Aloe Vera to clean skin surfaces as it has the ability to penetrate the human skin absorbing anything or everything on its surface – have a look at item 5, “Lignin” on on my “what is in Aloe Vera” page

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