Bronzed Beauties


Although a pale face can be found here and there, it seems being tan—whether real or faux—is de rigueur when it comes to the celebrity set. From dark haired beauties like Jennifer Lopez to the blonde goddesses of Heroes, Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere, stars know how to glow. And why not… tanned skin makes your eyes pop, your smile whiter and your complexion radiant. You feel thinner, happier and healthier. Of course being tanned from the sun is anything but healthy. So you can fake it with a few of my favorite products.

You have a couple options when it comes to formulas. Powder is really easy because you can start light and layer it on for more depth. My favorite bronzer is the Dr.Hauschka Bronzing Powder because the color looks sunny and natural. Before you apply it use your foundation and concealer as usual (if you wear them). If you’re wearing the bronzer right after you moisturize, make sure to let the moisturizer completely soak in first. Otherwise the powder will stick to damp areas depositing too much color in patches around your face. Grab a big, fluffy powder brush and swirl it into the powder. Lightly dust it around your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin (where the sun naturally colors your face the most). If needed, add another layer.

For a more dewy bronze look try Suki’s Tinted Active Moisturizer in Bronze in place of your usual foundation. And since it’s a moisturizer too, you get to skip a step in your morning routine. Pump a small dollop into your fingers and smooth it onto your skin like you would a foundation. Make sure to blend it in really well around the ‘edges’ of your face like your hairline and jaw. Another liquid option is the Living Nature Soft Light Illuminating Tint (in Dawn Glow, Day Glow or Evening Glow depending on your skin tone). The shimmering tinted moisturizer gives skin an extra dose of radiance without making you look like you got lost on the way to the disco.

After you’ve applied your bronzer make sure to follow up with a warm or rosy blush. Adding a pop of pink color to your cheeks on top of the bronzer gives your face a more realistic sun-kissed appearance. For the most natural-looking flush a good rule of thumb is to use the same formula of blush that you did a bronzer. If you used a powder, wear a powder blush like the Dr.Hauschka Rouge Powder. If you are going with a liquid bronzer, you can wear a cream blush like the Suki Pure Cream Stain (which you can also tap onto your lips to complete your look). Of course you can mix and match formulas, but it requires just a bit more work to look flawless.

Posted On:  January 27, 2017
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