Celebrities Beauty Secrets

by Hilda R. Smith
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Celebrities Beauty Secrets

Light camera action! Thousands of people are watching at your face on TV, your body, your outfit and your hair. It’s not that simple to be a celebrity. Artist know that it is part of the game to be constantly exposed to everybody’s looks 24 Hours. For this reason, they spend an amazing amount of time in improving their looks.

Now we know, thought, that bottox is not everything in Hollywood let’s dig into some of its most well kept beauty secrets:

– Supermodel Cindy Crawford moisturizes her skin constantly; she takes her atomizer everywhere. It contains the exact same amount quantities of mineral water and milk.
Jennifer Love Hewitt fights acne with tooth paste. She applies it on her spots before going to bed and says they are gone the next morning.
–  Demi Moore goes beyond that, being 16 years older than her husband Ashton Kutcher, she resorts to…leeches! Ex Bruce Willis’ wife says that after getting used to the bites, she could feel how her blood became toxins free.
–  Another actress, Catherine Zeta Jones keeps her teeth pure white by brushing them with crushed strawberries; and she moistures her hair with olive oil. Does she spend a lot of time in the kitchen?
–  Nicole Kidman gives her hair blueberry baths to keep it smooth and glossy and Julia Roberts dips her nails in olive oil to keep them healthy and strong.
Penelope Cruz sleeps eight hours a day and avoids caffeine, and Shakira mixes honey, sugar and lemon to scrub her body.
Jennifer Aniston uses sugar and water to smooth her lips and combs her hair with wild boar combs.
And the one that can’t help but mentioning is the one that has the recipe for eternal youth…Madonna. Always at the forefront, not only music-wise, but because she was one of the first ones to use Pilates. Hers is a microbiotic diet, she does not eat meat, wheat or sugar. She never sunbathes and treats her skin with diamond edges twice a month. But that is not all her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, revealed that before going to bed, Madonna covers her body with moisturizing creams and then gets dressed in a thermo suit that potentiates the moisturizing effects.

Victoria Beckham does something similar. She applies cream to her hand and feet and wears gloves and socks in bed.
It is neither simple nor natural, isn’t it? Investing in these little secrets take a great deal of time, money and perseverance; however, and even when it sound like a cliché, when it’s time to go out, it is our attitude that counts the most…and having people that love us just the way we are.

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