Chin Acne


Do you suffer from chin acne? If so it might be of some help that you are not alone. While this type of acne can happen to anybody, it is most often linked to hormonal changes in women. Menstrual cycles can cause acne to happen. Although acne can affect any part of the part, today we are focusing on acne on the chin.

Acne can happen at any time of day no matter where you are. When those bumps, blackheads, and zits pop up they can be embarrassing. Knowing how to deal with chin acne is the first step to having a clean acne free face. Here are five steps to getting rid of chin acne.

Wash Face Daily:
It is important to remove the daily grime and oil build up that accumulates on a daily basis. Find the acne products that you like the best and use them as directed. Avoid using wash cloths, as they can be too harsh on your skin. The best tool you have for washing your face gently are your hands.

Limit Hands against Chin:
Many people report that during the day they will lay their hand against their chin while at work. So many people have desk jobs which require long hours sitting at a desk. One bad habit is laying your cheeks or chin against your hands. Our hands often have dirt and oils that we do not want on our face. As a result many people will struggle with acne on the chin for this reason. Try not touching your hands to your chin during the day and see the difference it makes!

Use A Daily Regiment: Instead of using different products use the same brand of products for all your facial needs. Use the same brand for cleaner, lotion, and acne remover. There are many over the counter treatments that deal specifically for chin acne. Do not look at the price alone. Check for reviews on these products before you buy them to see what other people say about the product.

Avoid Picking at Bumps: Even though this is hard refrain from picking at bumps. Once you have picked at the bump it is more likely to become red and swell. Instead, keep the face clean and avoid touching at all cost.

Watch Your Diet: While on your period it is important to refrain from eating chocolate or drink caffeine. Getting plenty of water each day is a key factor for overall skin health. Eat healthy with lots of vegetables and fruit in your diet. Remember that these tips will work together to help you have a radiant face that is free of acne.

Posted On:  September 24, 2016
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