Close Shave


I’m not one for short shorts. And short skirts and dresses aren’t my thing either. But all summer long I peeled off the layers to reveal a bit more skin. And even though cool weather is almost here, I’m not quite ready to relinquish bare legs just yet. So until my legs go in hibernation for the winter, and my shaving routine slows down (just a little), I make sure my bathroom is stocked with the most pure and delicate shaving products. Mainstream brands will lead you to believe you need to sizzle off the hair with a chemical cream or smooth on a synthetic-filled shaving cream, but there are alternatives. They’re gentle, they’re safe and they really work.

You can get a close, easy, and nick-free shave without the harsh chemical ingredients with organic options like Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lemongrass Lime Shaving Gel. Certified organic by the USDA (currently the strictest body care standard around) and Fair Trade certified too, this effective non-foaming gel removes hair while hydrating with shikakai, hemp and jojoba. And the crisp invigorating scent made with lemon, lime and lemongrass essential oils is perfectly refreshing.

In my shower you’ll find Weleda’s Shaving Cream. The lather gets really creamy and soft, which helps the blade glide over my skin. It’s extremely gentle and helps prevent any post-shave irritation (especially helpful in the bikini region). Plus it soothes and nourishes with goat’s milk, almond extract and pansy extract. Since organic shaving creams don’t foam up, you have to massage it into your wet skin to create a slick lather before reaching for the razor.

In a pinch (if I’m out of shaving cream or I forget to pack it on vacation) I’ll use my hydrating Santaverde Aloe Vera Shower Gel. It’s creamy enough to really protect my skin while I’m shaving. And the line up of softening ingredients–including almond oil, wheat protein and aloe Vera juice–leaves me legs feeling soft as silk.

Posted On:  January 31, 2017
Posted By:  admin
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