Concealed Weapons


Not all concealers are alike. In fact, even once you’ve weeded out the not-so-natural options you still have, well more options. You have to figure out what formula you want to use and even then you’re not done. There’s the task of choosing a shade. After all, not all concealers are alike. And obviously not every shade will work for everyone. To pick your shade, choose one that’s one or two shades lighter than your foundation. If your skin looks ashy when wearing the concealer, it’s too light. However, if it doesn’t brighten the area it’s too dark. It also may be smart to keep two shades in your beauty kit for working with extremely dark circles or on days your skin is more tanned than usual. It also may be necessary to blend two shades together to get the perfect color.

When it comes to choosing a formula, it can all come down to simple preference. However, if you don’t have a preference (or a clue), here are a few simple guidelines. If under eye circles are your main complaint, try using a liquid concealer. Suki’s Liquid Formula Concealer is a great option. And Dr.Hauschka’s Concealer Pen is easy to apply. The formula is thinner than a cream or stick, so it won’t settle into the lines of your eyes as much. Also, since you’ll be covering a larger area, you want the end result to look as natural as possible. To use it, apply several small dots under your eyes. Then use your fingers or a brush to lightly tap the color in. If you rub to harshly, the color will just smear away and off the area you’re trying to conceal.

The secret to using any type of concealer anywhere on your face is blending. So make sure to blend the outer edges of the concealer area well. If you can’t seem to master blending, try using the Suki Eye Shadow/Concealer Brush to help you out. It’s soft and flat and will help tap in the color. After one layer has been finished, check to see if you need another. It’s better to add a few sheer layers rather than one thick, noticeable layer. After you’ve tackled your eyes you can use the liquid to help mask red areas around your nose, mouth, or anywhere else as well. Finish with a sheer powder to set the concealer. Use a very small amount, as too much will settle into the lines, making you look older.

Cream concealers are wonderful at hiding blemishes. It just takes a little practice. Try the Dr.Hauschka Pure Care Coverstick or NVEY Eco’s Organic Erase Corrective Makeup. For best results, you’ll also need a firm, thin, pointed concealer brush like the one from Alima Pure. After all, the trick to hiding acne spots is dotting the concealer only on the spot. And even if you have tiny, steady hands this can be difficult. Get a small amount of the cream on the end of the brush and dot it into the center of the blemish. Then slowly blend it outward towards the outer edge of the blemish. A second layer may be needed. Then finish with a light dusting of powder to set the concealer.

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