Controlling Noise Pollution of Hydraulic Systems


Noise pollution has been a major concern among people these days, due to the adverse effect they have on ears and health. To prevent and control noise pollution, there are strict regulations in many countries: in some countries, noise levels are determined by the authorities in workplaces, which must be abided by.

Places, where hydraulic systems are used, tend to produce sounds of high decibels due to the pump that it deploys. However, this issue needs to be taken care of and resolve at the earliest. In the hydraulic system design, the pump injects and inserts fluid borne noise in hydraulic system which manifests or comes out as air borne noise, producing noise pollution. This concept needs a little elaboration: the noise related to fluid is caused due to the components’ vibration caused by pressure pulsations; whereas, the noise related to structure results by the vibration caused with the interlinked components. Together, the fluid and structure related noises lead to pollution of the air.

Certain solutions have been provided below for the three major sources of noise pollution of the hydraulic system:

  • The fluid borne noise of the hydraulic system can be reduced by more advanced and better design of the pump. It cannot, however, be completely eliminated. One can, although, install silencer to check the sound emission.
  • The best way to tackle structure borne noise of the hydraulic system is by removing the sound bridges between the power units, as the vibration of the power units and the prime movers leads to the creation of noises. One can also use connections of flexible hoses and rubber mounting blocks.
  • Air borne noises can be controlled and checked by placing the pump within a tank or hydraulic reservoir, which is constructed by thick plates to check radiation of noise.

Thus, one must take special care of their hydraulic systems and ensure that it creates the least amount of noise pollution.

Posted On:  August 1, 2015
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