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Sunscreen isn’t just for summer. If you want to preserve your complexion, prevent skin damage and retain a youthful glow, the number one thing to avoid is overexposure from the sun. And even just a little bit of daily exposure adds up. There are plenty of conventional moisturizer/sunscreen combos out there. But those, of course, shield your face and neck with chemicals. Many organic and natural alternatives, although effective, are hard to rub in and often leave skin with a ghostly white tint. Certainly okay for a day at the beach, but they’re not an ideal everyday solution. Luckily there are a few products out there that make every day sun protection simple.

My absolute favorite sunscreen is Santaverde Aloe Vera Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 18. Sure it’s wonderful when you’re going to be spending the whole day outside. But it also works just as beautifully the rest of the time too. This is because the ultra light formula absorbs so incredibly fast. And maybe even more importantly, it doesn’t leave any filmy or greasy residue. This makes it an ideal pre-makeup product because your blush, concealer and any other cosmetic won’t slide right off your skin. The mineral based, organic formula provides superior sun protection while simultaneously healing and nourishing your skin. A natural anti-aging complex blended from Macadamia oil, Kukuinut oil and White Lily helps skin retain moisture while naturally protecting cells. Like all of Santaverde’s amazing products the sunscreen has an Aloe Vera base, which provides gentle moisture while helping the cells regenerate. The result is skin that stays smooth, healthy and glowing.

Another great option that combines a daily moisturizer with the protective power of an SPF is the Living Nature’s Daily Defence SPF 15. I like that it’s lightweight, which makes it an easy addition to a daily routine. The moisturizing formula shields skin with natural Zinc Oxide and hydrates with Harakeke and Manuka Honey (both plants native to New Zealand).

If you know you’re going to be in the sun for only a few brief moments (from the house to the car and from the car to the office) a product like the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Crème uses natural sun filters to protect skin. The light formula also hydrates and rejuvenates skin. Other multitasking options are the Living Nature Tinted Moisturizer and the Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer because along with 100% pure crushed minerals, they contain natural sunscreens and anti-aging ingredients. With just one product you even skin tone, hide flaws, protect skin, prevent sun damage, soften and strengthen the skin. So in the morning when you only have approximately two minutes in front of the mirror, you know you’ve pretty much tackled everything when you smooth it on.

Posted On:  February 6, 2017
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