Dangers of Using Sun Tan Lotion


As the name suggests, sun tan lotion or sunscreen helps in shielding the skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun. It has been medically proved that repeated exposure of the skin to the rays can cause skin cancers, sunburns and leave other adverse effects on the skin as well, and the use of sun tan lotion can make you get rid of these problems.

Despite all its advantages, frequent use of sun tan lotions have been found to be causing several health related problems which has prompted the US Government and many other administrative bodies across the world to aware the people of the consequences of over consumption of such lotions. Take a look at some of the common dangers associated with these creams.


Allergies: – Most of the lotions contain certain chemical ingredients that are said to absorb the harmful UV radiations but these chemicals can lead to an allergic reaction especially in cases of sensitive skin. For instance, a chemical called benzophenones that is commonly used in these creams causes swelling, rash and a feeling of itching and stinging among a large section of users.


Nanoparticles- Sunscreen at times contains titanium dioxide that contains chemically inert nanoparticles that causes genetic and respiratory problems in rats and mice. Furthermore, nanoparticles are not good for the body and therefore should not be inhaled at any stage.


Free Radicals- On repeated use of similar creams, certain chemicals such as benzophenones generates free radicals on being exposed to the sun rays. This, in turn causes severe damage beneath the surface of the skin.


Vitamin D Deficiency- Vitamin D is highly important for proper bone health as well as immune function. Application of sunscreen blocks sunrays from penetrating the skin and in the process hinders the formation of Vitamin D by the skin leading to health problems

Posted On:  August 1, 2015
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