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After extensive research on my part I have compiled most – if not all – of the important facts on the Aloe Vera Gel: The Power Source of Aloe Vera!

In spite of all the good that has been said and written about Aloe Vera and the Aloe Vera gel – which I call the power source of Aloe Vera, I believe there is still a wealth of information yet to be discovered.
Following in summary form is a list of currently available facts on the Aloe Vera gel:

Note that while some of these facts refer to the external – topical – use of the Aloe Vera gel, others refer to its use when consumed as a liquid.
Aloe Vera gel is anti-pyretic, it reduces heat.
Aloe Vera gel is anti-puritic, it soothes itching.
It moisturises without closing off Oxygen which is crucial to the repair process and as it does so it replaces lost fluids that are needed in the process. This is why Aloe Vera gel helps reduce scarring so effectively.
It has almost the same pH factor as the human skin and is also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it has little likelihood of causing an allergic response.
Aloe Vera revitalises good tissue and improves the tissue function from cellular level.
Aloe Vera is an adaptogen which means it is a substance which increases non-specific resistance of an organism to adverse influences such as infection or stress.
These adaptogenic properties mean that different individuals take from the Aloe Vera gel what they need, therefore the benefits vary from person to person.
Aloe Vera works with the body, simply providing excellent nutrition so that the body can take care of itself.
The Aloe Vera gel is excellent for speed healing of first-degree burns, including sunburns and easing certain minor second-degree burns.
If applied after the burn has cooled, it will relieve pain and inflammation and accelerate healing.
The Aloe Vera gel soothes and hastens healing of cuts, scrapes, and other minor wounds and skin irritations.
The gel contains a number of active ingredients, including substances known to help relieve pain, reduce swelling, quell itching, and increase blood flow to an injured area.
More facts on the Aloe Vera gel that have been made available through scientific research indicate that it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Facts on the Aloe Vera Gel in Cosmetic Products
Aloe Vera gel has become very popular as a moisturising ingredient in cosmetics and its popularity is such that it is now probably the most widely used ingredient in skin care products.
According to the January/February 2003 issue of the German publication, SOFW, Aloe Vera was the highlighted ingredient in 1,557 new product launches worldwide including of course several cosmetic products.

Studies at the University of Texas in 1984 showed that the application of Aloe Vera gel to the skin accelerates fibroblasts that help in the manufacture of Collagen, the protein that controls skin slackening and wrinkling.
In a Glamour Magazine article, Aloe Vera was second only to vitamins when readers were asked what ingredient they wanted to see in their skin care products. Aloe Vera has long been used in skin and hair care products, going as far back as the time of the legendary beauty – Queen Cleopatra!

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