How Aloe Vera Can Help Common Foot Problems


There are a number of commmon foot problems where using aloe vera gelly can really be beneficial.  Some of these conditions include athletes foot, nail fungus, blisters on the feet as well as plantar warts.

Treatment for these problems also seem to be among the top reasons why people seek help from a podiatrist. Though they can be treated at home most of the time, with over the counter products, some of these problems can be quite tricky to get rid of.

How Aloe Vera Can Help

The aloe vera plant is truly remarkable and has many healing properties which occur naturally –

– it is naturally anti-inflammatory

– it is naturally antiseptic

– it is naturally antibacterial

– it is naturally antifungal

– it is naturally antiviral

It is also packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that combine to promote healing and offer a powerful defence against bacteria and fungus.

Only Forever Aloe Vera Gelly

The aloe vera gelly from Forever Living is the gelly I have personal experience with and is the aloe vera I am recommending.

It is pure filleted gelly, straight from the plant, containing only the inside of the aloe vera leaf itself.

This is very important to note as some manufacturers use the whole aloe leaf in their products and the whole leaf contains an irritant called aloin which some people can be allergic to.

Forever’s aloe vera has the highest aloe content of the aloe vera gels you will find in the market which is why it can be so effective.

It also works fast and is absorbed quickly resulting in faster healing. Foot ulcers can also benefit from using aloe gel.

All aloe vera products are not equal, so if you’ve tried an aloe vera cream or gel before and did not get any benefit, it is possible that you used a product with a low aloe content.

Using Aloe Vera On Feet

The aloe vera gelly should be applied directly to the problem areas 3 to 4 times per day.  It is a natural product, non-greasy and as mentioned will be absorbed quickly.

In addition to aloe vera gelly,  another product which can help with common foot problems is aloe propolis creme, a combination of aloe vera and bee propolis.  This is a rich moisturising cream that soothes and nourishs skin. Used together, they can be of huge benefit when dealing with particular foot problems.

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