How Much Aloe Vera Should I Drink Daily


Once again I’m dealing with a couple of questions I’ve been asked about Aloe Vera by visitors to my site. One is quite interesting and the other one quite touching.
The first question I’ll be dealing with today is…

you guessed it, the second question I ever received after launching this site!

There’s something else I’m going to do at the end of these blog entries.

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And now on today’s question and answer blog entry…
“How much in milliliters I should drink Aloe gel to protect me if I have no disease and I’m taking vitamins?”

This was my reply:

“With regards to your question about how much Aloe Vera to drink, it is best to introduce it gradually to your system.

A good dosage to start with is one tablespoon (which is about 15 millilitres) twice a day and then you can build it up to 30 millilitres twice a day after about one week.

Within a month of taking Aloe Vera on a regular basis you can build up your intake to 60 millilitres twice a day which is how much my husband and I personally drink on a daily basis.

The amount of Aloe Vera you take is usually a matter of choice and how you feel, sometimes you may need to take a little bit more to boost your immunity against things like colds and bugs. Remember there are no known side effects from drinking Aloe Vera.

I suggest that you take your Aloe Vera first thing in the morning and just before bed at night as this is when you will receive the most benefits.

Do not forget to put your Aloe Vera drink in the fridge once opened as some brands have very short shelf lives.

Please let me know how you are getting on and don’t hesitate to drop me another line if you have any further questions about this wonderful plant.”

Posted On:  February 27, 2016
Posted By:  admin
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