How To Pick The Best Haircut According to Your Hair Type?

by Hilda R. Smith
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How To Pick The Best Haircut According to Your Hair Type?

There are many factors that play a vital role while deciding on a haircut, your face shape being the most crucial. The next being the genetic makeup of your hair. And unfortunately, we hardly have any control over either of these two!

Some are born with smooth, shiny locks, whereas others have to work really hard to keep their hair tamed. Whatever it is, if you want to do justice to your hair, you need to take care of it and do some regular trimming and message.

After all, your hair gives an edge to your style statement! Let’s see what some of the best hair stylist in Sydney suggests to do with your hair. 

Tips for picking the best haircut for your hair

1. Select a haircut depending on your hair texture

Each one has a different hair texture, which we also call the genetic build-up of the hair. It can be anything from dry, and rough, to curly, or wavy, to straight, silky, harsh, or lifeless, and oily. If your hair is thin, and fibrous which tends to fall flat, it will look voluminous if you keep it short.

On the contrary ladies with curly and rough hair can keep it long. This is because short hair gives a fluffy look. Bangs look great with curly hair. And cutting your hair in layers can give your straight, and stringy hair adds body to it. 

However, whatever your hair texture is, it never goods look when damaged. So, if you have damaged hair, get it treated and keep it short till the time you have dealt with it.

2. Volume

Some people are blessed with thick hair, and for them, the styling their hair becomes more comfortable. Whatever the texture of your hair is, if you have thick hair, style it in any way you wish to – just ensure to maintain it. 

For people without thick hair, following are some of the styles that go best:

  • The Classic Bob – If you are bored of the classic, straight bob cut, try out an asymmetrical one.
  • The Jagged Part – Getting a jagged part in your hair can add some serious volume to its look. You can get a layered cut to complement it and for a perfect rock star look.

Keep it short and speak to your hairstylist who can suggest you with cuts to add a wavy and fluffy look to your hair. 

3. Your physical build-up

Along with your face, hair style impacts the entire stricture of your body.

Now, there are different lengths in short hair. How will you know how much short hair best suited for you? It depends on your height! Tall, slender women with very short hair look very powerful.

Women with round faces can get a fuller look with short hair, which generally goes down just below your chin. Faces with a pointy chin can avoid cuts which make the hair fall right at the jaw. If you are blessed with a great pair of eyes, side-swept bangs hitting the eyes, can draw the maximum attention. 

Similarly, long hairs can be of varied length, but generally, if it goes below the shoulder, it is considered as long hair. Until you want to look forever 12, super-short women should avoid hair running below the shoulder. It also doesn’t go very well with long, chiseled faces. 

Ladies with square or oval faces, look pretty and attractive in long hair, but if you let it grow beyond your breasts, you might be considered as outdated!

4. Forehead

Bangs with a hairline which begins high up looks great on women with a short forehead. In fact, bangs are great for everyone, and women with prominent forehead can get a deep hairline, with side-sweeping bangs.


Having stated all the above factors, how you look depends a lot on how you carry yourself. You might be blessed with lovely thick, curly, and silky hair, but if you move out of the house without touching the comb to it, it might look like a nest.

And the next crucial thing is to get a hair treatment done – the frequency once again depends on your hair’s texture. 

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