My First Experience With Aloe Vera


1996 I discovered Aloe Vera Gel. I had never heard of it before but a good friend of mine gave me a bottle of it to try. She told me it would help my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) if I drank it. I had suffered with IBS for five years by then.

To be honest, when I took the lid off I thought she was trying to kill me as Aloe Vera Gel does have a distinct aroma all of its own.

I thanked her but had no real intention of drinking it as I could see no reason why Aloe Vera Gel would help when my doctor had tried everything available and on my last visit to him I was told to ‘learn to live with it’.

She also gave me some Aloe Vera Gel based lotion for my husbands’ tennis elbow. All he really needed was yet another steroid injection and he would be fine, I thought!

A week later I hadn’t tried the Aloe Vera Gel and so my friend assured me it would help arthritis as well. I offered it to my mother who was a sufferer of osteo-arthritis. However, she refused it too.

Why should she drink the stuff and I would not.

Then I spied the dog. I had a very arthritic sixteen year old border collie called Ceri who could not get up any more unassisted. I would have to lift up her back legs to enable to get up.

I tipped a little Aloe Vera Gel into her dog food over the next month, just to get rid of the stuff, well; it had to be better than pouring it down the drain!

I was going to simply pretend that it had not worked if my friend asked.

Within three weeks Ceri was running down the garden after my cat.

I didn’t need to help her get up any more. Her coat went shiny and her nose was cold and wet. So if you want a nice shiny coat and a cold wet nose you now know what to do!!! Drink Aloe Vera Gel.

Obviously, Aloe Vera Gel had affected my dog in such a way that I had to try it for myself.

Within a week my stomach felt comfortable, a feeling I had forgotten about. I was by now quite used to a bloated cramping feeling which is generally part of my everyday life. I was so exited I insisted the rest of my family should try Aloe Vera Gel.

My mothers painful arthritic joints were eased and her hiatus hernia felt fine to the extent she stopped using indigestion tablets.

My husbands heartburn and indigestion went away, his energy levels went up and his tennis elbow got better.

As the months went on my asthma attacks got less and less, my complexion improved. My long term dermatitis became under control, I contracted this from washing with a particular hand cleanser in the special care unit in the hospital where my twins were born prematurely and had had problems for 18 years. We all looked and felt healthier than we ever felt before.

I became fascinated by these events and started to research into this amazing plant that produces Aloe Vera Gel and find out how this could be.

The first thing I did was to go and visit my Beauty Therapist friend. I asked her to make a note of the condition of my skin and she made a note of pore sizes, which she says were grainy, and lines which were deepening. I was most disgusted as I was forty seven at the time.

I used an Aloe Vera Skin Care Regime for eight weeks . I then went back to see my friend who scrutinised me under the magnifying glass yet again and said my pore sizes had reduced and the lines were finer. I was very pleased that time and have continued to use this regime over the last twelve years. I have had very good results and most people will tell me I look ten years younger than my fifty eight years. The photograph of me and my dog Mitzie at the top of this page was taken in May 2009.

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