Natural Homemade Cosmetics Tips

by Hilda R. Smith
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Natural Homemade Cosmetics Tips

Beauty is one of the most discussed topics as it affects how people carry on their day to day lives. In almost all societies beauty is a universal thing that everyone unanimously agrees that it’s a treasured possession. With that in mind, lots of money is spent on purchasing beauty products some of which end up making the user worse due to the chemicals contained in them. Since time immemorial people have invented homemade remedies to use in various beauty treatments. This has especially been encouraged by the fact that people are becoming aware that most of the beauty treatments available on the shelves contain harmful chemicals that cause very adverse health effects especially if used for long periods.

Some tips on how to make natural homemade cosmetics:

For a soft skin, tea tree oils, aloe vera and neem plants extracts can be used to make a natural skin moisturizer. They are especially useful to people with dry skin conditions as their special nutrients will promote good  health of the skin and make it smoother and younger. For naturally dark hair, chemicals such as henna are recommended as it also acts as a hair conditioner that gives the hair both body and strength. Another plant called Salvia Oficinalis can be used to make the hair darker. The treatment is made by mixing 15 grams of the plant in a liter of water. It’s then kept for two hours and later strained before being poured on the hair. This mixture should stay for half an hour and then the hair is rinsed with a generous amount of water. For a skin moisturizer, beeswax or honey is applied in the skin and then left for a period of 30 minutes. For best results, the honey should be unprocessed or if processed, should not contain any chemicals.

A mixture of ripe avocados and the white part of the egg can be used to make a hair conditioner. The mixture is kept for a period of two hours so that the two ingredients can blend in. Its then applied on the already cleaned hair and can stay for one hour or more depending on the wish of the user. For brighter and cleaner eyes, a cucumber is sliced in small bits then placed on the eyes. These slices are believed to suck out impurities from the eyes. The eucalyptus and mint plants are used for fresher breath. This remedy is quite simple and needs no mixtures. The person should simply chew either the leaves or small twigs of these plants for instantaneous results. This remedy was actually used long before toothpaste was invented. For relaxing fragrant bath, ingredients such as lavender and Salvia Officinal are put in a muslin bag and hanged from a hot water tap such that the water passes through it. This extracts the natural oils and the fragrance of the herbs into the water. The extracts can also be used when doing a relaxing body massage and also for relieving rheumatism.

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