Pros and Cons of Traditional Mattresses over Natural Mattresses


Pioneers and professionals in the field of ergonomics have suggested that sleeping on traditional mattresses can be very harmful to your health and to the environment. Instead, using a natural or organic mattress is advisable. Before you can understand why natural mattresses are so useful and advantageous compared to traditional mattresses, you should know the various materials that comprise such mattresses.

Natural mattresses are so named because they are made of latex rubber foam that is available in the natural form. It is not harmful, as it does not contain the carcinogens and chemicals that are an essential part of traditional mattresses. The rubber foam that is used in preparing natural mattresses is encased in organic cotton. The cotton itself has never been treated with pesticides or herbicides.

Environmental Benefits of Organic Mattresses

There are many different types of traditional mattresses, including:

  • spring mattresses
  • memory foam mattresses
  • latex foam mattresses

During the manufacture of all the above listed kinds of ipswich mattresses, a lot of chemical waste is generated. It often becomes difficult to dispose of this waste properly, causing damage to the environment. Storing such waste is viewed as a non-viable option because it puts the health of those working around it in danger. Organic mattresses, on the other hand, are not found to produce such harmful effects. During their manufacture process, no harmful chemical by-products are produced.

Health Benefits of Natural Mattresses

With the help of thorough research, it has been discovered that sleeping on a natural latex mattress on a regular basis can be beneficial to your health. It encourages you body to delve into deep, sound sleep. If you have a better night’s sleep, you will feel more energetic and productive the following day. Synthetic materials may sometimes prove to be harmful for people with allergies. Therefore, traditional mattresses become a source of discomfort and loss of sleep. Conversely, natural mattresses are hypoallergenic. Moreover, the chemicals found in traditional mattresses may cause cancer, however these carcinogens are absent from organic mattresses.

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