Reasons That Has Made Biobanking Important So Expensive


In recent years, the role of biobankhas occupied special place. In fact, biobanking has emerged as the most vital component of medical investigation program. Treatment and diagnosis of number of life-threatening illness such as heart diseases, cancer, arthritis and diabetes are the areas where it has proved to be extremely beneficial. There is a universal consensus that it is these biobanks that is responsible for promoting good medical research.

Accumulation of DNA and using it for following health is the ultimate aim of biobanking. The process involves storing of specimens and biological samples. One of the reasons for this sudden spurt in number of biobanks is the result of its helpfulness in medical fraternity. Many medical researchers make use of these specimens and biological samples during their research.

Many feel, the process turns out to be little expensive. The reasons behind this expensiveness are quite obvious. For instance, it is compulsory to store these samples in ultra-low temperatures. Keeping them in such cold environment needs sophisticated equipment and gadgets. Most of the research centers hardly have the facilities for storing these samples. The running costs and maintenance pertaining to it is very exorbitant. One of the many difficulties that such a facility encounters is the need for a perfect back up system. It is this backup system that swings into action in case a fault is detected with the regular system. The cooling systems, automatically sealing doors, thermostats, IT systems, electric supply systems, etc. require such backup system to make sure the facility runs smoothly.

When it comes to effective tracking of health records, it has emerged as the most sought-after option. For, it perfectly fits the criteria of latest and innovative technology in use. Realizing the ethical and legal issues involved, many countries have formulated appropriate rules and regulations.

Posted On:  August 14, 2015
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