Relieving Constipation With Aloe Vera


How could aloe vera relieve constipation? What forms or parts of the aloe vera plant could help aid digestion and ease bowel movements? Who are not allowed to take aloe formulations?

For centuries, aloe vera has been known to treat various ailments like sunburns, skin irritation, gastric pains and hemorrhage. Due to its cleansing properties, aloe vera can aid in alleviating constipation. However, it is not advisable for people with allergic reactions to make use of Aloe Vera. Use of the same shall not be administered for pregnant women or when women have their monthly periods.

Aloe vera can also tone the facial muscles, and has the ability to expel wastes from the intestines out of the body. A variation of aloe vera products are out in the market but look for the one that is similar to the natural aloe vera leaf. By using this, you are guaranteed to address your problem.

Facts about aloe vera and constipation
The gel of aloe vera in particular can aid in reducing constipation. Simply add in a couple of aloe extract to your favorite fruit juice. Drink it in the morning or at night time to help your condition. However, if you can stand the taste of pure aloe vera, then you can directly ingest it twice daily. This will instantly cure your bowel movement problems. Here are some aloe vera products to combat constipation:

• Aloe vera capsules. Aloe vera capsules can be consumed as it is or for a more efficient effect. It can also be taken together with aromatic plants like turmeric or fennel seeds.
• Aloe vera leaves. The most effective curing part of the aloe is its leaves. Make sure though that the leaf is fresh and manually mashed. Take note that an aloe leaf that has been mashed through the use of an instrument produces a yellowish liquid-like substance that may cause stomach cramps and gastric pains.
• Aloe vera extract. To treat constipation, drink Aloe Vera for 5 consecutive days then have a two-day breather. This will aid in avoiding hypersensitivity to the product. You can opt to take a daily dose of a couple of spoon full of aloe gel, or a quart of aloe vera juice. You can also gulp 5 grams of pure aloe vera thrice daily.
• Aloe vera pill. Dinking an Aloe Vera pill with a glass of peppermint tea can also facilitate bowel movements. Combining aloe gel and the mentioned tea can also help.

A dose of aloe vera in whatever form can assure you that you will no longer have that bloated feeling and ease your “toilet” problems. Aloe may also be a good supplement for people with diabetes since it is known to regulate insulin. Nevertheless, caution must be practiced by people who want to use aloe vera as treatment for this disease. It would be better to consult with your specialist before taking it in. This should be done in order to help you pose questions pertaining to the disease and other concerns you have.

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