Rising Fad of Tummy Tuck Surgery


Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure of reducing excessive fat and skin from the middle and lower part of the abdomen. This is like a cosmetic surgery done to people having extra flab of fat in their abdomen. The normal tummy tuck surgery takes 1 hour to 5 hours of time. There are different types of tummy tuck surgeries; these are complete abdominoplasty, mini or partial abdominoplasty, and extended abdominoplasty.

Anyone of good health be it a man or a woman can opt for it. It is often confused with liposuction, but originally it is not liposuction. Many obese people and pregnant women have found it extremely helpful. For the tummy tuck surgery, you would require someone to be in assistance with you. A pre check up is done once or twice a week depending on various physical conditions, and then once the check up has been positive the surgery is carried on. Anaesthesia is done where you are put to sleep while the procedure of draining the fat out begins.

This process tightens a few muscles as well making your abdomen look good. Depending on the nature of the tummy tuck, the surgery goes on for few hours until the complete and required fat amount is discarded. It is important for someone to be there with you for the first day of the surgery as there might be some minor complications that can occur during this process. Even you won’t have sufficient energy to work or do things when you are at home.

The world has advanced so much that there are many treatments even to make people look good and tummy tuck is one such cosmetic procedure that can help people achieving a normal look despite having the tendency of being obese and fat.

Posted On:  September 14, 2015
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