Seven Golden Beauty Tips For Teens

by Hilda R. Smith
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Seven Golden Beauty Tips For Teens

Although young people often seem to be bothered by advice from their folks, some useful advice is worth taking especially when it comes to beauty tips for teens. Magazines contain a lot of information most of which has been tested by our folks hence they know what is good for us and what is not. Here are some of the beauty tips for teens that older people always try to suggest to the younger generation.

1. Do not skip the foundation. Skipping the foundation will be bed for your body apart from making it appear natural. Use a concealer to top the blemished and then have and use it lightly. Avoid rubbing it is. Put a pad on your middle finger and try pat it into your skin. If you have acne, this is what you need to do.

2. Never apply make up on your lips and eyes at the same time. If you have applied make up heavily on your eyes, put a light gloss on your lips. Some people like the drama that comes with dry lipstick. Line your eyes lightly and then maintain a balance in terms of the amount of make-up you use. You don’t want to look like a crown.

3. Less make up is better Applying too much make up is not good at all. It is one of the crucial beauty tips for teens to adopt. In fact, if you make it a habit of applying many different types of make ups on a daily basis, you are going too far with your quest for better looks. Instead of using Mascara and liners on a daily basis, you ought to tone the whole package down and settle for occasional mascara for tackling blemishes and gloss which could be complemented by some blush pops during winter.

4. Let your hair remain natural. If you have very dark hair, try and make your look a bit lighter through the use of highlights which are rather on the lighter side. Do not lighten the hair. Let it remain natural. Having maintained some natural air into your hair is something to be proud of.

5. Vaseline is cheap and best for you if removing eye make up seems to be a problem. If you need to massage your lips, use a toothbrush. A tooth brush is a very efficient tool for making the lips supple and soft. A toothbrush makes your tooth very smooth such that applying make up becomes an enjoyable task.

6. Have long layers no matter the type of your hair. You can choose either wavy or straight. Sometimes super curly is a good option for you. These are the layers that make very thin layer appear very thick and attractive. The hair does not look as if you dyed it using some crude chemicals.

7. If you have acne, visit a dermatologist. This is the professional has all the beauty tips for teens from a professional level. This is a medical problem that requires a medical solution rather than an aesthetic one.

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