Seven Things To Know About Lip Fillers Before You Have Them

by Hilda R. Smith
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Seven Things To Know About Lip Fillers Before You Have Them

Lip fillers are one of the hottest beauty care treatments trending now. The number of people who are using lip fillers has skyrocketed in the past few years. Known celebrities prefer lip fillers that give a plump look to your lips. The lip fillers are used just as common as highlighting the hair. However, you need to put a lot of factors into consideration when deciding to get lip fillers. There are many things that you need to know about this trending style in the fashion industry. Here are some.

  • Deciding what type to buy

How long will it last?Doing some background research before you make your first appointment with the doctor can be helpful. You should not appear at the appointment with no knowledge of what you are up to. There are semi-permanent fillers and permanent ones. The temporary is the best option that has hyaluronic acid, which traps water inside your lips. It gives a natural look. Many people than irreversible treatments prefer it.

  • How much do you need?

Once you have decided which one to choose, you have to know how much is needed. Lip fillers in London suggests to take several appointments until the desired look. It can get costly with more number of visits. It greatly depends on how much of a natural look you want. A lip filler can cost from $55 to $2000. It varies with the amount you need to get the desired look.

  • Reversing the effects

It is possible to reverse the effect of temporary fillers. If the lip filler does not work out as expected for the customer, it can be removed by using an erasing injection. It takes several days to take into effect. The results, according to other customers, are that the effect only needs few seconds for filling, but to reverse the change, it may take a few days.

  • How long will it last?

Lip fillers last for about 4 to 6 months. It depends on the age of the patient. Usually, people get a top-up every 4 to 6 months if they want to keep the look. They feel the same as your natural lips. The process does take up 3 to 4 appointments or more depending on how large you want it to be. It is not a quick process.

  • Risks

The mild risks of taking lip fillers are bruising slight lumpiness or swelling. Significant risks include tissue death. The minor ones last only for a few days and cures by itself. You should be very careful about the physician whom you are consulting as lip fillers can sometimes become an accident due to not injecting it in the right place. This might cause lips to look like duck lips. This can be seen in many celebrities these days. Over injection or uneven injection is the leading cause of this change in the shape of the lips. There are also chances for an allergic reaction. This is very rare but cannot be ignored. Mention any allergies you have to the doctor before treatment.

  • Having lumps or bumps

There are chances of having lumps or bumps in your hair after applying fillers. You should avoid going to the gym for at least 24 hours and avoid doing things that can cause the blood to circulate all over your face. The lumps or bumps appear if you have thin lips and wants to make it plump. This does not become an issue as long as it is not visible while you talk or laugh.

  • Things you should not do

During the procedure, make sure you decide to go with the doctor’s instructions about how enlarged will make your lips look natural for your face structure. Only then you should go about doing it. You shouldn’t get a facial or face massage immediately after the procedure. Do not exercise either. It is preferred not to take any painkillers or fish oil. These things can make your blood thinner. This is not good for the lips and causes lumps or bruises.

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