Shielding Paint – Prevent Harmful EMF Radiations


With advent of newer technologies, different newer devices and tools have come into existence. These have, in turn, made the communication process very smooth and effective. Sadly, not many are aware the adverse effects they can produce when used constantly. These being electrical equipment, they emit harmful EMR. When absorbed by the body, it can cause severe adverse health consequences. Most families make use of different kinds of electrical and electronic appliances and devices. In order to offer suitable protection to every family member from such harmful EMR, there are two possible alternatives. Either go for EMF safe products or opt for shielding paint.

Typically, shield paint is no ordinary paint. Since it is a specialized type of paint available in liquid form, it works brilliantly to prevent both low and high frequency electromagnetic fields. The speciality of this paint is that they contain a carbon base. This, in turn, offers suitable protection against the electromagnetism. Eco-friendly, these paints are perfect for people who are highly sensitive to electromagnetism or chemicals. Being water based in nature, you can apply them anywhere you wish to. They do not contain any plasticisers, film forming agents and toxic solvents. Found mostly in black color, you can repaint them in desired shade. They are currently available in both categories – low and high frequency interior paints. They come with all instructions for its usage to ensure it is safe for your health.

The good aspect about the shield paint is that they come with an extended shelf life. They are supposed to be grounded with ESM or ESK ground connection. This is done to make it protects you against the high-frequency radiations. Odourless in nature, they provide permanent shielding against any type of electromagnetic radiation. Affordable and non-allergenic, they can be used to over coat the wall paints as well.

Two medium coats of shield paint are good enough to block the radiation. When you apply the paint, it restricts the spreading of EMR which is responsible to cause immune system disorders, memory loss, depression, geopathic stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, reduced fertility, altered brain function, disturbed sleep patterns, immune system disorders, allergies, colonic complaints, candida, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, and even miscarriage. If you wish to save your family members from all such health risks, you can use the paint on walls, ceilings and floors.

Various communication equipment, mobile phone and devices like radios suffer due to interferences. This prompts them to perform poorly and their operational efficiency comes down. However, by opting for EMI shielding technology, this problem can be curbed drastically. They protect equipments and devices from interferences. As the shielding has a direct influence on the circuit’s speed, it enhances the output of the device.

Posted On:  September 11, 2015
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