Standard Specifications of Contract Furniture


The term contract furniture is used for all the furniture sets that are used for commercial purpose. This is a vague term, which does not describe the type of furniture under the category. In the United Kingdom, the law prescribed certain standard for the sale of antique furniture for commercial usage. These are mainly made with an intention to provide safety in commercial establishments. Hence, contract furniture includes all the furniture used in commercial establishments including Restaurant furniture.

The furniture sets used in any commercial establishment like office, restaurant, and health clubs, educational institutions and many more are categorized as contract furniture. When selling or buying contract furniture one should know that they are to be bound by safety standards set by Crib 5. These standards are formulated keeping in mind the safety of the users and to avoid any untoward incident. Any piece of furniture used under the commercial establishments is grouped under contract furniture.

The major user of contract furniture is the restaurants. Resturant Furniture has to be unique and custom made depending on many factors. Restaurant furniture also comes under contract furniture, as the restaurant is a commercial establishment. Restaurants use thematic and customized furniture, which are the main attraction for the customers. Any person visiting a restaurant for the first time, judges the quality of the restaurant of its presentation.

The furniture present there mainly contributes this. The restaurant furniture has to be good looking, comfortable for long time use and long lasting. The upholstery is selected in such a way that it gives a longer life and better looks. The restaurant furniture should also be made keeping in mind that the maintenance required should be minimum. Since the floating population uses this quality is very important. People visiting the restaurant may not be very gentle in handling them.

The contract furniture and restaurant furniture both have to be good looking, cost efficient and long lasting. It should also require minimum maintenance. This makes perfect contract furniture.

Posted On:  September 11, 2015
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