STI Testing London: Convenient And Confidential


In the UK, there has been a rise in number of cases of STIs amongst youngsters and if you have been sexually active, you might want to get yourself tested. It’s because more than anything you should want to exclude the possibility of having these infections, which often remain silent. You are not likely to know if you have an infection or not unless you get yourself tested.

And that’s why gum clinic London facilities are of crucial importance to you. Of course you have the option of doing these tests through NHS but there can be a long waiting period and should you be taking such chances with your health?

There’s no reason to take any chances, especially because STI Testing London facilities make the procedure extremely simple for you. At the heart of the matter is your confidentiality that is never compromised upon.

That’s what these testing facilities vouch for and that’s something you need as well. If you have been tested in the past you would know that it can be quite an awkward situation and that is what detracts you from going to the clinic in the first place. But now you have the option of home testing, which should put your mind to rest.

STI Testing London facilities have done their best to make these tests convenient for you. You can now take this simple urine test at home with the help of the kit that will be sent to you.

All you need to do is do the test and send the kit back to the clinic. Within a couple of days your results will be ready and if you test positive you will be advised suitable treatment, which can also be organized for you. And if you test negative, you can go on living your life with huge weight of your shoulders.

Posted On:  September 14, 2015
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