The African American Health Issues That Need Special Care


African American or the black population of America used to live in adverse, unhealthy condition for a long time. That is why there are some health problems that are common and specific to them. In reality every race has some distinct health problems that are different from other races. This is because their living condition, genetics, the environment they live in, care facilities and cultural factors. This has its impact on black wellness too and there are a lot of health problem and diseases that severe for this race.

One of the major health challenge that the African American face is HIV aids. The race contributes only 14% of the total population of USA but their contribution to the HIV population in USA is 44% which is quite alarming. This is a terminal disease with no complete cure and there are people in this race having new infection to the stage of death. The unhealthy living condition and sexual relations are to be blamed for the same. The problem is wide and there is a huge challenge for the prevention team to deal with the problem. This is not only because of lack of education and poverty but also because a huge portion of people don’t even know that they are suffering from the disease and then they infect others with the same.

Apart from HIV aids, diabetes is also quite common among these people. Nearly 19% of the people in this community are diagnosed with diabetes at some point of time in their lives. This is a huge number and this also increases the chance of cardiovascular disease including heart attacks. The African American health issues are something that needs to be dealt with urgently and that is why the government is taking special care in resolving the issues as soon as possible.

Posted On:  July 24, 2015
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