The Importance of Minerals to Youthful and Healthy Skin


The plant derived minerals enriching the Utopia Naturals Skin Care formulas work to boost the skin’s natural ability to repair the visible signs of aging with a colloidal concentrate of over 75 naturally occurring essential trace minerals such as copper, magnesium, zinc and selenium. This remarkable wealth of minerals is critical to younger-looking skin.

Dr Linus Pauling, two times Nobel Laureate, stated that “one could trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Approximately 99% of the human body is comprised of minerals, yet minerals are often overlooked when nutrition is considered. It is well known that the human body requires at least 60 essential minerals in order to maintain a disease free body, including the body’s largest organ, the skin. Accepting Dr. Pauling’s research, it is relatively obvious why sickness is so prevalent throughout the world, even in technologically advanced countries. The body can utilize minerals without vitamins, but vitamins are generally useless in the absence of minerals. One might ask about “germ” caused diseases, but mineral deficiencies also indirectly cause microbial diseases by diminishing the body’s defenses against one-celled organisms.

Most supplements today only contain a few metallic hydrophobic minerals that are resistant to water. Because the digestive system in the human body is relatively short, it is only able to assimilate 5% to 10% of metallic and rock minerals that come from sea salts, sand, rocks and soil. Water soluble, “Hydrophilic”, plant minerals are nearly 10 times more bio-available at the cellular level than metallic minerals and small enough to be absorbed through skin and hair. The plant derived minerals we use in our Utopia Naturals products are completely organic from earth-laden minerals that have been naturally chelated and metabolized through the roots of plants. These photosynthesis processes are what make the plant-derived minerals hydrophilic and have an affinity to water. Consequently, hydrophilic plant minerals have a negative charge and form a direct hydrogen bond with water providing superior water solubility and easy absorption.

Most foods, fruits and vegetables, marketed today seldom contain more than 16 to 18 minerals. This deficiency of minerals in plants is a result of a mineral deficiency of most of the soils in which food is raised around the world. This is caused by thousands of years of wind and rain erosion and unwise farming practices. Except for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the agriculture industry generally doesn’t replenish the essential minerals depleted from the soils. Ironically, these three are the primary ones required to grow beautiful plants and produce, but do not provide all that our bodies require for optimum skin and body health. Although the term “organic” is often misused for marketing purposes, the “organic” agricultural industry is generally the only segment of the food producing market that uses practices that contribute to the replacement of minerals in the soil.

Fruits and vegetables cannot produce minerals that are not there; they can only break down and absorb that which the soil provides. Our body and skin, as do plants, may grow and look beautiful for a time, but without replenishing it with these essential cellular building blocks, it can neither obtain, nor maintain, good health.

The conclusion from extensive research is that without supplementation it is unlikely that we can eat enough food to get the full range of essential trace minerals required to obtain optimum health and longevity. Minerals support and catalyze enzyme function, protein digestion, metabolism, cellular electrolyte impulses, and billions of chemical reactions that maintain the essence of life, both internal and epidermal. This is why macro and minor minerals are absolutely essential to maintain healthy skin and each bar of Utopia Naturals skin care soap contains 1000 milligrams of plant derived minerals.

The essential minerals we utilize in these skin care products are leached from prehistoric plant material known as Senonian Compost® extracted from mines in Emery, Utah. This compost is preserved in humic shale strata containing the same kind of hydrophilic minerals that were available at a time before soil became depleted by the erosion of nature and the farming practices of man. These composted plants lived at a time when the richness of soil and plants were able to support plants and animals of extraordinary size. This compost is placed in large food grade vats and submerged in contaminant free distilled water where it is allowed to leach naturally and undisturbed.

During this process, the water soluble plant minerals blend with the water to formulate a potent essential colloidal mineral concentrate. These colloidal minerals in our soaps are water soluble like those found in fruits and vegetables.

Supplement your skin, body, and hair with essential minerals while you bath and unleash your body’s natural ability to fight and diminish the signs of aging by empowering it with a wealth of rare plants and minerals known to create life, respond to natural stresses and promote longevity.

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